New ‘Old’ Base Ball Club being formed in Hamilton

Our city has a rich history in the game of baseball. The game of baseball had early beginnings in the City of Hamilton. The game has seen many changes over the years.

A local organization is planning to field a Hamilton Vintage Base Ball (two words intentional as it was in the 19th century) team to compete against other Vintage teams in the summer of 2011. Other area teams exist in Woodstock and London plus several US based teams affiliated with Vintage Base Ball Association (

The Hamilton Vintage Base Ball team would require 13-15 players committed in participating for the 2011 season. Vintage doesn’t mean old – the team is open to all ages who wish to experience base ball in its formative years! The team plans on playing upwards of 10-12 games played by original 1857 rules and replica uniforms as a model. Some travel including to the United States will be required.

The mission and purpose of the Hamilton Vintage Base Ball team shall be to preserve, perpetuate, and promote the game of base ball as it was played during its formative years in the nineteenth century and other historic eras.

Presenting the game of base ball as it was actually played in accordance with the rules, equipment, uniforms, field specifications, customs, practices, language, and behavioural norms of the period and educating the public regarding the character, history, and growth of the game with attention to the historical context in which it originated and developed.

For details as they develop and to indicate if you have interest in participating on the Vintage Base Ball team, visit or contacting Jacy Flynn at