Sioban Ryans strikes her way into Canadian record book

Sioban Ryans has set a Canadian record for highest triple by a woman with a brilliant 846 at Prime Time Bowling in Burlington.

The 29-year-old Kitchener resident started her night off with her first career perfect game. She continued to throw strikes as she started game two with nine more before a single pin stood up. A spare and another nine count produced a 278 and a 548 double.

Game three saw a four-strike start before another single pin refused to fall. Five more strikes and another single pin spare gave her a 268 and the Canadian record 846 triple.

Overall, Ryans had 30 strikes, including 21 in a row, and four single pin spares. The old record was 836 (278, 299, 259) by Karine Rapagna of Montreal one year ago.

Attempting to better the four-game record of 1,101 by Jennifer Park, saw her drop to 187 and a 1,033 set, surpassing her Hamilton record of 1025 (246, 297, 225, 257).

The previous Hamilton high triple by a woman was 795 (237, 300, 258) by Catharine Rowe. Jennifer and Catharine are sisters. Ryan, employed at Wellington Partners in Kitchener for 10 years, has been bowling for 17 years and her previous highs were 789 and 297. She also bowls Thursday in Kitchener.

Also at Prime Time, Marty Stokes used a 279 to post a 988 set. Shawn Anderson also collected a 279 while other top singles were Klaus Herchenroder and Vic Riding (267), Matt Lewis (264), Art Oliver (260), Marc Worothny and Ian Hazelton (259), Mark Cardwell (258), Kyle Gilmour and Louis Sturm (257), Brian Vandel and Lionel Lewis (255) and Jeff Lofft (254).

Bill Hicks reports from Brantford’s Star Lanes that Calvin Mater, a junior with a 100 average, was plus 202 with games of 171, 150 and181 for a fantastic 502 triple.

Steve Cowie blasted a 703 (249, 219, 236) for the City Tenpin men at Skyway Lanes to finish behind Tim Enoksen’s 732 (216, 268, 248) and Mick Anderer’s 718. Jason Ives was close to 700 with 696 (248) and Charlie Campbell turned in a 674 (276). Aleta Kerr carded a 247 for the Monday Ladies and Sylvester Salve a 222 for the VSL group.

June Najbor reports from the Skyway Sunday juniors that Joey Ransom, 170, and Bethany Nicholson, 181, were both plus 41. Jeff Lang had a 649 in Westinghouse play and Jeff Robinson rolled a 235 in Happy Gang action.

One month ago Chris King saved his best game for last as a 298 gave him a 779 (257, 224, 298) in Brightside play. In Skyway Jonarc action, Dave Custeau struck for 290, Earl England posted 279, 278, and 266, while Rob O’Byrne marked a 268, Chris King had a 267, Greg Schultz rolled a 258 and Ryan Dickenson topped 1,035 (256, 264, 246, 269).

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: The first Hamilton Tenpin yearbook was published in 1965 with 4,100 members. President was Don Watson, secretary was Mike Sydor, treasurer was George Smith and vice presidents were Roy Hilton, Gabe Bihary, John Wilson and Bob Kilgour.

High average and triple went to Fred Rosettani at 194 and 710 and high single was Gord Robinson’s 280.