Vintage base ball looking for new players

Organizers of Hamilton’s Vintage Base Ball Club will hold an information meeting this month. Interested players, regardless of skill level, are invited to attend the meeting on Sunday, Feb. 20 at the Pheasant Plucker, 20 Augusta Street. The affair gets underway at 3 p.m.

The newly-formed organization plans to play about a dozen games this summer against other teams, which re-create the early beginnings of base ball in the mid-1800s. Hamilton’s Young Canadians were one of those early teams.

Games this summer will be played against other Ontario and U.S. teams.

The very early years of baseball had unique characteristics. Diamonds were not manicured, no gloves were used and no umpires were used. Defined as a “gentleman’s sport” the following rules were also observed:

  • There shall be no bunting, sliding, or running out of the base paths;
  • Uncivil language, ungentlemanly behaviour, spitting, alcohol consumption, chewing of tobacco, and wagering are not tolerated;
  • The hurler delivers the apple where the striker requests it.
  • Balls and strikes are not called unless the arbiter deems it necessary;
  • The apple is delivered underhand in a shallow arc to allow good striking.

Additional information about the Hamilton team is available by contacting Jacy Flynn, 905-574-3941 or