Crystal Maurer rolls 299 game

Crystal Maurer came within one pin of her second perfect game of the season with a 299 effort at Prime Time Bowling. After an opening 233, a stubborn 10 pin left her with the 299. Then 202 and 239 games gave her a 965 series.

Five months ago, she tallied a 300 at Prime Time making her and father Ed only the second father-daughter duo with 300s in Canada. The first were Brian (1994) and Colleen (2001) Insko of Alberta. Brother Bryan Insko has 12 perfectos.

Also at Prime Time, Sioban Ryans was nine pins behind Maurer at 956 (226, 278, 217, 235). Lionel Lewis smashed a 267, Mark Hebert had a 249, Matt Lewis and Shawn Anderson rolled 247s and Dee Gallant was in with a 233. Top averages are Sioban Ryans, 219, Matt Lewis, 218, Lionel Lewis, 217, and Crystal Maurer, 212. Ryans’ 219 is two pins over Catharine Rowe’s 217 record.

In a Players Tour stop at Burlington Bowl, Matt Lewis qualified tenth. In the first round he dealt a 300 game against Art Oliver’s 233. An interesting match was Joe Ciach defeating wife Kerrie 206 to 203. Lewis won the next two rounds 236-184 and 206-197 before losing in the finals 182-179 and winning $750.

There were three terrific triples in Skyway Commercial play as Ron Colling hit 650 with a 258, Carmen Sarnelli had 645 with a 265, and Vince Iacozza jr. scored a 634 with a 252. Westinghouse action included Tim Enoksen, 684 (257), Kyle Marquette, 673 (235), Ed Margueratt, 629 and Klaus Herchenroder, a 255 single.

For the Jonarc men, Chris King showed 1,015 (264, 248, 247, 256) and Doug Schatz fired 814 (268, 278, 268 for his last three games for a 977 set. Super singles are Matt Glidden and Greg Schultz, 277s, Scott Grunau, 269, Russ Dee and Mike Ellis, 268s, and Roy Ward 255. Two big triples by Steve Cowie in City play with 746 (266) and 706 (279) raised his average to 206. Ed Margueratt tallied a 192 triplicate for the VSL bunch.

For Star Lanes youth, Colton Williams, 679 (239) and David Novak, 654 (255), while in adult play, Randy Park and Deric Curley, hit 278s, David Novak, 267, and Matt Cameron, 255.

Burlington Bowl top performers are Brian Roulston, 686, John Price, 684, Chipper Cox, 658, Bill Campbell, 654, and George Horder, 643. With averages under 70, Leif Olson hit a 117, Sarah Hiller posted a 114, George Lewis, a 113, and Amelia Lewis an even 100. Anna Nicolaou with a 110, average dealt a fine 171 single and Brennan Parkin, 135 average, smashed a 203 game.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: With local high averages in 2011 as high as 230, the first ten pinners to average 200 were Don Wira, 204, and Wendy Zielonka 201 in 1980. In a 1983 tournament, Al Tone of Beamsville averaged 245 for eight games. Kris Desroches rolled a 300 game in Youth play on Sept. 25, 1993 at now-gone Oakville Bowlerama.