Dellaire rolls 22 straight strikes to miss record book by one

Mannix Dellaire came within one strike of tying the local record of 23 in a row.

Stopped at 22 consecutive strikes, he finished with an 802 triple on games of 223, 279 and 300. The record of 23 is shared by Ed Maurer, Jayson Legg and Stewart Shea. The 800 is a record ninth of the season and the perfect game is number 22 and the first one at Burlington Bowl this season.

Barry Stannix blasted a 724, Allan Gowling had a 586 and Jan Stannix at plus 109 had a 544. The sixth 299 of the season was recorded at Star Lanes by Aaron Martin. The other five are Rick Gurman, Mark Ward, Darin Lane, Anthony DiBattista, and Crystal Maurer. A 298 was also dealt at Star Lanes, but it was unsanctioned. There have been six unsanctioned games this season, a pair of 300s, a pair of 299s, the 298 and a 297. No C.T.F. awards for these six men.

Nobby Herchenroder was high in Skyway Westinghouse action with games of 249, 228 and 237 for a 704. Super secretary Sheila Moser was plus 78 with a sparkling 235, Mark Herchenroder hit a 242 and Wendell Harrison a 232. Top averages are Tim Enoksen, 213, and for the women a tight race between Brenda Herchenroder and Val Noble at 167. Joshua Downey was plus 82 with a 187 for the Sunday juniors and Barb Roy spared the 8-10 split in VSL play.

With 200s for the Monday Knight Ladies are Lisa Klimek, 204, Margaret Blair, 203, and Patrice Deacon, 200. In P&G Mixed, Barb Hollands reports Val Morgola roled a 202, Charles Leclair scored a 190, Helen Nalborczyk hit for 189, and Pauline Tonaj had a 180.

At Prime Time Bowling, excellent games included Kyle Gilmour’s 279 and 266, John Cherriere’s 278 and 268, Louis Sturm’s and Sioban Ryans’ 258s, Marty Stokes’s and Lionel Lewis’s 257s, Scott Tarbat’s 256, Marc Worotny’s 248, and Amanda Lupton’s 234 and 233. Top averages are Lionel and Matt Lewis tied at 217, and Sioban Ryans is high at 219.

Highlights in Commercial play included John Giordano’s 623 (223), Bob Johnstone’s 609 (234), and Ron Colling’s 605 (221).

At Splitsville Centre, earning CTF Century awards by beating their averages by over 100 pins are Alexsandar Mijativic (263), Ron Smith (254), Ron Barber (243), and Maryanne Wells (238). Smith tallied a 606 triple and Mijativic a 598. For the Splitsville Youth, Meagan Gagnon had a 556 and Michael Allen was good for 552.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: Twenty five years ago this month, Craig Woodhouse fired an 811 triple and 300 game in the Provincial C.T.F. Tournament at Skyway Lanes. Joe Nardi rolled an 803 triple and 300 game in Rochester, N.Y., in 1992. Ryan Kloosterman tallied a 300 in Erie, Pa. in 1996.