How to ease the pressure of 10-pin perfection

Pressure is starting with 11 strikes and needing only one more for a perfect 300 game. Twenty two times this season the twelfth strike followed for the 300 game.

A bit less pressure is rolling 11 strikes in a row from frame two for a 290 game. Eleven times this season the 290 has been accomplished, with Scott Tarbat and Art Oliver Jr. at Prime Time doing it lately. Oliver used his 290 for a 1,011 (256, 290, 248, 217) set. The other nine men with 290s are Richard Parker, Sean Patterson, Travis Cauley, Mick Anderer, Jeff Lofft, John Cherriere, Dave Custeau, Mark Ward, and Vince Iacozza Jr.

In our history records, the 290 game has been dealt 130 times.

Eleven in a row from frame two were Scott Grunau, 279, and Jeff Lofft, 277.

Other super singles at Prime Time are Oliver, 289, Ian Hazelden, 279, Jason Stevens and Matt Lewis, 278, Jeff Lofft and Shawn Anderson, 269, John Cherriere, 259, Marty Stokes, Vic Riding and Crystal Maurer, 258, Klaus Herchenroder and Ron Gilmour, 255, Mark Hebert, 248, Louis Sturm, 246, and Amanda Lupton, 222. Maurer continues to hold a 212 average. Kevin O’Brien was plus 100 with a 247 and Charles Dawkins plus 78 at 219.

In the Westinghouse league at Skyway Lanes, Kristen Enoksen blasted the highest game ever by a woman with a brilliant 268 with her 137 average, pushing Sheila Moser’s 235 to second place. Val Noble scored a 211. Ed Margueratt has been hot lately with triples of 668 (246), 650 (247) and 648.

In Commercial play, leaders were Ron Colling 644 (235) and Domenic Suppa 616 (229). June Najbor is back with her Sunday junior report as Ben Konyi hit a 220, Nick Wolfe was plus 80 at 180 and P.J. Cheyenne-Miller was plus 26 at 122.

Top averages in Jonarc action are Chris King and Ryan Dickenson at 218. Conrad Merkir started with eight for a 278 and 990 set. For the Brightside Men, Harry Savelli rolled 243 and Derrick White had a 236.

Super secretary Barb Hollands is back with P&G scores as the top seven women’s triples are Kristy Toth. 581, Patty Leitch. 580, Tamiko Hikida. 564, Shirley Morris. 535, Homie Pratt. 534, Val Morgola. 532, and Brenda Renaud, 531.

Top seven singles are Toth, 247, Leitch, 237, Morgola, 224, Pratt, 219 and Renaud, Morris, and Hikida, 213. Still looking for scores for Barb herself.

Burlington Bowl juniors with 200s are Brennan Parkin, 203, Jonathan Posavad, 202, and Connor Parkin, 200. Matt McDonald tallied a 642 (232, 256).

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: Sixty years after the Dundurn Castle bowling lanes were in play in the 1870s, the area was used for an ice cream parlor. They also sold coffee, tea, candy and cigarettes. A small fire damaged some of the lanes. In later years the area was a cafe featuring a “bowling alley burger” and then a Royal Ontario Museum. It’s now Dundurn offices for curator Kenneth Heaman and curatorial program assistant Franca Hicks.