One pin takes perfect game away from Schatz

Doug Schatz almost had the twenty-third perfect game of the season at Skyway Lanes as a single pin remained standing after the first 11 for a 299 game and 938 (213, 215, 211, 299) set. Number 22 was over two months ago by Mannix Dellaire.

After a ninth frame split cost Tim Enoksen an 800 last November, a tenth frame spare of the 3-10 split last week gave him his third career 800 at Skyway. As in his previous attempt, he started with 10 strikes for a 289. This time 259 and 258 games gave him an 806 to go with earlier triples of 809 and 807. This season this has seen a record 10 triples of 800 or better, smashing the previous high of seven 12 years ago.

Top scores in the Skyway Jonarc are Conrad Merkir 983 (245, 226, 234, 278), Tim Enoksen 953 (248) and with three good efforts, Aaron Bouchard 948 (266), 938 (279) and 937 (247, 245). Super singles are Merkir, 288, Corey Davies, 277, Chris King, Earl England and Ed Maurer, 268, and Mark Winger, 267 and 239.

In Westinghouse play, Chris Marquette had 664 (258) and Klaus Herchenroder showed a 623 (231). A 222 start propelled Ed Margueratt to 618 in VSL and daughter Denise spared the 4-7-10 split. Happy first birthday to Gage Olmsted Subang, grandson of Ron and Ev Olmsted.

Top six series at Prime Time Bowling are Marty Stokes, 987 (276,264), Jason Stevens, 974 (258), Jeff Lofft, 968 (278), Louis Sturm, 955 (279), Shawn Anderson, 941 (258, 251) and John Cherriere 938 (264). Making the top singles list are Scott Tarbat, 289, Jennifer Lewis, 268, William Russell and Matt Lewis, 258s, Richard Parker, 256, and Klaus Herchenroder, 233. With averages 217 to 219 are Lionel Lewis, Matt Lewis, Art Oliver and Sioban Ryans.

Good luck and good bowling to Art Oliver Jr. of Hamilton and George Lambert, formerly of Stoney Creek, now living in Texas. They are competing in the Pan Am Games Championships at Bowl Tapatio in Guadalajara Mexico. This 42-lane house will also host bowling at the Pan Am Games in October.

Shooting over 700 at Splitsville are Clint Doolittle, 762 (247, 279, 236), Walt Drozd, 717 (256), and Brad Male, 710 (268). Coming close were Don Johnston, 679 (245) and Doug Powless, 676 (256). Jim Hoover cleaned up with plus 130 for 457 (186) while Cliff Ross was plus 127 at 496 and Julie Hill climbed to a 409 with her 109 average.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: In 1959 Jim Bonk won the Hamilton Singles Championships at PlaMor Lanes with 1,982 for 10 games followed by Dick Bukowski, Fred Rosettani, Leo Gral and Gabe Bihary. Stan Prokop won the title in 1958. The only 700 of the 1972-73 season was a 716 by Walt Zarycki on April 30. Bowling lanes were once in the Normanhurst Community Centre.