Panther Bantams move into first; Refs fumble at Chatham-Kent

The Panther Bantams moved into first place in the OFC conference with a 33-26 victory over the London Thunderbirds. In a game that looked to be lost, Dave Kirk and his crew were able to turn it around and a great Panther victory was achieved.

The Varsity JV Panthers lost a 13-39 heartbreaker to London, despite a hard fought match. This game saw a lot of innovation and adjustments, which should mean good things for the future of JV Panthers.

Meanwhile, the Senior Varsity Panthers lost 37-29 to the Chatham-Kent Cougars over the weekend. It was an usual experience to see parents and spectators from both teams upset and letting their feelings be known to the “third team on the field” for how calls were made against the Panthers in their fourth quarter drive.

Panthers came out flat in the first half and let the Cougars go up 29 points.

In the second half the Panthers came alive scoring 29 points, with the Panthers offense confusing the Cougars and kept their drives alive. The Panthers defense made some outstanding plays including two pics that were definite game changers.

Dylan Peckham leads the O-line (Photo: Hamiton-Wentworth Panthers)

But flags became unglued by the third team on the field, and in the fourth quarter they seemed to fill the sky. Some questionable calls included an incomplete pass (noted by Cogeco TV for the error in the call) that was then run in by the Cougars for a touchdown; a pic and run for a touchdown that was called back to the five yard line; and a pass interference call made against the Cougars on the Cougars goal line – then changed to an “uncatchable” call by the Head Ref in the last two minutes of the game.

Tempers and shouts erupted from all fans, including one Cougar Coach who shouted “Way to go, now you have both teams mad at you!”.

Both the London Thunderbirds and Chatham-Kent Cougars were fantastic hosts, and the atmosphere was filled with good sportsmanship and hard competition as it should be.

On Saturday (June 25), the JV Panthers will play the Sudbury Gladiators at the Panthers home field (680 Hwy #8 Rockton, Beverly Community Center) at 3 p.m.

On Sunday (June 26), the Bantam Varsity Panthers (2 p.m.) and Senior Varsity Panthers (5:30 p.m.) will play the Twin Cities Predators. Both Sunday games will be broadcast on Cable 14 later in the week.