10-pin trio come close to perfection

More than two months ago, Hamiltonians Art Oliver Jr., and Roy Katz rolled perfect games. Since then three men have rolled the first 11 strikes before coming up short for the magic 300 game. Scott Grunau and Vince Iacozza Sr., each left two pins for 298s at Skyway Lanes. Grunau dealt a 903 (191, 298, 243,171) in Jonarc action while Iacozza tallied a 645 (179, 298,166) triple in Commercial play. His son, Vince Jr., scored a 625 (233).

At Burlington Bowl John Stanisz was disappointed when four pins remained standing for a 296 game and 669 (296, 221,152) triple. Two 300 games were rolled in unsanctioned leagues at Skyway and Splitsville.

Notable scores in other Jonarc action included, Ryan Dickenson 1,005 (257, 278, 204, 266), Lionel Lewis, 967 (268), Ed Maurer, 276 and Matt Glidden, 267. Derek Hannah blasted a 643 (234, 232) for the VSL men.

In P&G play, Brent Andrecyk popped 691 (257) and 634 (256), Phil McCue had a 627 (267), Cody Stone, with a 158 average had 573 with a 256 single, Wayne Dion and his 142 average produced 554 with a best 266, and Bill Sherring, 169 average, scored 559 with a 203single.

Dion won a CTF Century watch while Stone missed by two pins and McCue by 15 pins.

In Splitsville news, Lionel reports three men just missed 1,000 for four games – Scott Tarbat at 999 (256, 252, 254, 237); Shawn Anderson at 997 (267, 236, 245, 249); and Matt Lewis at 997 (226, 278, 235, 279).

Super singles included Mark Herbert, 277, John Cherriere, 269, Tom Johnston, 247, and Sam Gualtieri, 245.

Sioban Ryans smoked a 931 (259, 255). In Burlington Bowl play while Scott Mitchell hit for 695 (256), Vic Prohaska recorded a 639, Chris McDonald hit a 255, Dan Lowry was good for a 241, and Brandon Crysler showed a 238. Top averages are Mannix Dellaire at 214 and Catharine Rowe with 210.

Bill Forester reports that the Dundas University Lanes bantam and seniors placed first in the Canadian Inter Provincial Youth Doubles. The bantam pair of Tessa Vallentyne and Nikki Patterson were 267 pins over average and the senior pair of Brandon Harney and Brayden Swine were 346 pins over average and all four were awarded gold medals at the lanes.

Stoney Creek’s Ron Depew, who spent 25 years with the youth bowling council and is a lifetime member of the Hamilton Fivepin Bowling Association, recently passed away. Ron and his wife Anne were both inducted into the Hamilton Hall of Fame in 2005. At the 37th annual Ontario Five pin Bowlers Association Hall of Fame dinner, Ian Wilson and Henry Pachulec, both of Hamilton, were inducted.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: Klaus Herchenroder rolled a 223 triplicate on March 27, 2002 at Skyway. Mark Jackson rolled a 257 – 258 – 259 stepladder on Nov. 22, 1994 at Skyway; and Mark Ward rolled 244 – 245 – 246 one year later. Al Cinti rolled a Dutch 200 in March 1955.