10-pin perfection elusive in 2011

After 33 perfect 300 games in 2010, only nine made the Hamilton books last year – Doug Schatz, Sioban Ryans, Sean Bailey, Aaron Bouchard, Earl England, Mannix Dellaire, Sean Patterson, Art Oliver Jr. and Roy Katz. Sharing 299 games were Crystal Maurer, Aaron Martin and Doug Schatz. Recording 298s were Dan Holloway, Scott Grunau, Vince Iacozza Sr., and David Novak.

Turning in 297s were Brian Vandelan, Chris Marquette and Kevin Hill while Al Napierala and John Stanisz were four pins short of perfection in 2011 with 296. With the hard to achieve 800 triple were Ryans, 846, Jason Stevens, 802, Earl England, 827, Mannix Dellaire, 802, Lionel Lewis Jr., 824, and Tim Enoksen, 806.

There were six winners in the annual junior scratch tournament. In Division Six, David Novak, 209 average, used a 244 finish to total 607 and win by 37 pins over Colton Williams. The best in Division Five was Bryan Scargall, 165 average, by 17 pins over Charlee Hill. The Division Four champ was Connor Parkin, 157 average, with a 220 high game to win by 11 pins over Brennan Parkin. Carter Bailey, 135 average, topped Division Three with a 174 high game and 456 triple to prevail by 35 pins over Alexandra Amey. Placing first in Division Two was Nick Wolfe, 114 average, by 34 pins over Michael Williams and securing first place in Division One was P.J. Miller, 99 average, by 17 pins over Lief Olson.

Reliable Barb Hollands came through with four scores from the Skyway P&G league. Brent Andrecyk started with 10 strikes for a 286 game and 653 triple. Bob Firth beat his 158 average by 106 pins with 580 (221, 214), Val Raposa finished with a 203 for a 520 and Kitty Herchenroder, 119 average, dealt a 184 clean game which was observed by five other Herchenroders – Klaus, Nobby, Marcus, Brenda and Dylan.

Also at Skyway, Ed Margueratt rolled 616, 615 and 606, Fred Bird, 243, Doug Stickney, 226, Veronica Berg, 223,Jim Margueratt, 213, Dwight Young, 211, Mike Berg, 201 and Joan Tidey spared the 4 – 6 split.

In Jonarc play, John Giordano had a 279 with a 178 average, Bill Atkinson scored a 266, Scott Grunau had a 265 and Ryan Dickenson posted a pair of 264s.

Hollands also reports that in Whitehorse Lanes action, Darrell Gamble was plus 137 with a 632 (241) and beating their averages by over 125 pins were Bob Goodlet,

571 (202) and Kim Feere, 529 (202). Rolling the impressive clean game was Bob Tully with a 220 for the 145 average kegler who also tripped a 543 triple.

John Conti reports in five pin action at Sherwood, Ray Schroeder had a 370, Mike Forester hit for 360 and Aaron Depoorter was good for a 358.

TENPIN TRIVIA: A Missouri team has set a record for a five-man team game with an unbelievable 1,434 (300, 298, 279, 279, 278) breaking the previous high of 1,413. The Canadian record is 1,341 (289, 279, 279, 255, 239) and the Hamilton record is 1,213 (265, 255, 241, 231, 221).