Russell Ross rolls 12 in a row

The dry spell is over. Four months after two perfect games were rolled in three days, the third 300 of the season has been recorded by Russell Ross who threw 12 consecutive strikes at Prime Time Bowling.

A 203 first game gave way to the 300, followed by a 245 for a 748 triple. During the dry spell, four men had the first 11 strikes, but missed. Scott Grunau, Vince

Iacooza Sr., and David Novak dealt 298s and John Stanisz tripped a 296. If the current pace for 300s continues for the rest of the season, only six will be recorded, the lowest total since nine aces seven years ago.

In Westinghouse night action at Skyway Lanes, Nobby Herchenroder started with eight strikes before a five pin remained upright for a 268 game and 650 triple. The 268 shoves his brother Marcus and his 257 to second place. High single for the women is Sheila Moser at 222 by one pin over Brenda Herchenroder’s 221. Jayme Allen carded a 647 (226), Kyle Marquette a 226, George Reid a 222, Ed Margueratt a 210, and Veronica Berg, a 208.

Barb is back with more scores from Star Lanes and she will be sending a pair of CTF Century watches as Roger Miller was the king of the lanes with his 248 game with his 128 average. After beating his average by 120 pins in the second game, he was plus 92 in game three with a 220 and 636 triple, a remarkable plus 252 for his three games. Russell Dee earned an “A- plus” as a 278 game was plus 119, and the CTF award. His triple was 607, for a plus 130.

Earlier this season Matt Havens collected a CTF Century award, and an 11 in a row plaque, for his 290 game in a 728 triple.

Surpassing their averages by over 125 pins were Ray Havens (646 with a 244), Mike Malecki (570 with a 211) and Art Miller (563 with a194).

Barb, cub reporter, also reports a typo from P&G play as Val Raposo scored a 520 with a 203 high.

Catharine Rowe continues to shine at Burlington Bowl. With a 208 average she posted triples of 695 (245), 680 (245), 672 (265), and 655 (239). Vic Riding rode a 257 game for a 702 triple and then tallied a 663. Paul Gibson tossed a 686 (245), Mannix Dellaire had a 679 (242) and super singles included Tony Simeone (258), Vic Prohaska (248), John Rice and James Morrison (246s), John Haywood (235), Ron Gayk (226), Dustin Fournier (224), Jacob Brown (222), and Bea Keays (605 with a 222 and a 214).

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: Long gone old time alleys whose locations are still unknown are Arrow, Bulmer, Commercial Club, Fleming, Park Lanes, Robinson and Winston Hall. Some old time “alleys” were known by more than one name. Connaught Lanes were also Midtown and Dofasco as Pro Bowl. When the Kenilworth Alleys were sold, the new owner named them after himself, Eagleton Alleys.