One pin denies Vamos of perfect game

Two super singles highlighted play in recent Jonarc action at Skyway Lanes where Todd Downey dealt a 289 and Art Oliver Jr. jumped in at 287. Ryan Dickenson dumped a 982 (279) set one week and a 279 game another. Doug Schatz found the lanes to his liking at 975 (257) and Chase Oliver was plus 103 with a brilliant 278 game while Allan Oliver was plus 78 at 255.

Other top games included Ray Beitz’s 279 and 277, Jim Sherwood’s 278, Aaron Bouchard’s 276, Scott Grunau’s 266 and 265, and Oliver Jr. again at 265.

In Skyway Westinghouse play, Chris Marquette smashed a 661 (224, 223), Doug Stickney was 18 pins better than Wendell Harrison, 609 (220) to 591 (227), and Dylan Herchenroder started with six strikes for a 240.

In other Skyway action, Mark Ward impressed with 278 and 248, Sean Elley had a 642 (234), Ed Margueratt posted a 633 (238), George Reid showed a 227, Fred Bird flew for a 214, Jim Margueratt topped a 200. Well over their averages were Vicky Patterson who was plus 71 at 206 and Carrie Lennox with a plus 63 at 179. Teresa Boyd spared the unusual 2-6-7 split.

June Najbor is back with Skyway junior scores which included Billy Craig dealing a 648 (222, 225), Zoey Male striking a 544 with a pair of 190s, and Nick Wolf was plus 89 at 205. Josh Downey beat his 100 average in all three games for a 401 (133,128,140), and Joey Ranson was plus 58 at 182.

There was near perfection at Star Lanes where Henry Vamos saw a nine pin stop him from 300 as the lefty tossed a 708 (299, 225, 184) and Jeff Easton left up two pins in a 626 (178, 298,150) triple. Also near perfection in a bowl-out at Burlington Bowl as Sean Jacobsen popped a 298 and a 721 triple.

In Burlington Bowl league action, Harold Jacques had a 739 (268), Gary Hyde scored with 722 (256, 254), Catharine Rowe rolled 705 (266), James Morrison hit for 700 (279), and Sandra Cox, with a 158 average, popped a 604 (247). Super singles included Bob Graham’s 263, Matt Harper’s 232, Rick Wilson’s 227, Jamie Martin’s 222, Wanda Watson’s 210, Mary Anne Ellwood’s 209 and, after a sub par game, Joel Dallaire grooved 205 and 213. With a 136 average, Kathy Kishimoto hit for 225 and Adam Smith just missed 600 with a 598 (204, 203).

Saturday (Feb. 4) at Skyway Lanes is the third annual scotch doubles tournament. Congrats to former Hamiltonian George Lambert IV on the birth of George Lambert V in Texas. Happy 88th birthday to Skyway Lanes co-founder Stan Dumala.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: Eighteen years ago Fred Ridgers scored a 300, Ryan Morgan posted a 299, Ray Beitz hit for 298, Brian Bond (who recently passed away) posted 296. In five pin play, Jack MacLeod started with 11 strikes for a 440. An usual 270 game in tenpin play was Tim Easlick who threw a double, gutter ball, spare, then nine strikes for a 270. Hall of famers Harry and Helen Ireland celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.