Hair today, gone tomorrow for Marauder

Every Thursday, about 10 McMaster athletes pile into cabs and take the short trip to the Eva Rothwell Centre in East Hamilton. This past week was a little different as all-star football player Ryan Chmielewski was planning on arriving and departing with all of his hair.

The fifth-year Marauder had arrived for his latest visit to find that Matt Kelly, recreational co-ordinator for Eva Rothwell, was allowing some of the kids to shave his head.

After giving a tour of the community centre, to athletes new to the center, Chmielewski returned to the lounge area to watch the kids shave Matt’s head.

Upon being asked the first time, Chmielewski declined offers to have his head shaved as well, but seeing how excited the kids were, he finally gave in.

When asked about his visit, and new hair style (or lack there of), Chmielewski replied, “Basically I did it because I was there for the kids. When I go to the center, for the two hours I’m there, I put my life aside and I do everything to make the kids happy, if that meant letting them shave my head, then that’s what I would do.”

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