Hamilton Vintage Base ball is back

The Year is 1860. The game is Base Ball. And it will be relived this summer.

The Hamilton Vintage Base Ball Club and the Young Canadians of Hamilton are holding an information meeting and registration on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at Robert Land Community Center, Wentworth Street North, at 6pm.

The meeting will include an explanation of baseball rules as they were applied more than a century and a half ago compared to today’s rules. In addition their will be a uniform measuring session for anyone – male or female – over the age of 19 interested in playing about six games this season. There is no maximum age.

A payment of $100 will be collected from those who register.

Base Ball was played in Hamilton as early as 1854 by a team known as the Young Canadians. It was managed and coached by the Shuttleworth brothers of Hamilton. The popularity of the nine-man game in the U.S. and the beginning of international play in 1860, with Buffalo’s victory over the Burlingtons, led to its rapid adoption in Ontario.

History buffs and baseball lovers will re-create this vintage base ball team showcase the way base ball was played in 1860.

At matches, the Young Canadians will tend their bases and scout the outfield without mitts, hopeful the “onion” is knocked their way. While at bat, the ballists strike with their willows to knock the “apple out of the orchard” or “cut some daisies” in order to tally more aces than their opponents. For these Canadians winning is nice, but its pursuit never dims their gentle- manly characters.

This summer spectators are encouraged to show some ginger and support Hamilton’s Young Canadians as they take on several rival base ball clubs. All spectators, cranks, bugs and charming deadheads are welcome to watch and sometimes call the Plays!

If you cannot attend the meeting a uniform sizing and private registration can be set up by contacting Jacy Flynn at abequeacademy@Hotmail.com or at 905-574-3941. For more information visit the website http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=hamiltonvintagebaseball