Redeemer Royals book tickets to provincial finals

Redeemer Royals Katie Roth, Julie Koopmans, Janelle Koopmans, and Katherine Harvey have all qualified for the upcoming Ontario Colleges Athletic Association badminton provincial championships.

Appropriately, Redeemer is host for the Feb. 17-18 event. All four Royals secured their spot with top three finishes at this past weekends regional championships.

Redeemer finished the tournament with a win-loss record of 28-15. Each member of the Royals badminton team finished with a winning or even record. The women’s team walked away with second place overall in its division while the combined men’s and women’s teams placed second overall in trophy standings.

Roth, with five wins and one loss, was second in women’s singles with Julie Koopmans placing third with five wins and two 2 losses. In women’s doubles, Janelle Koopmans and Katherine Harvey had a record of four wins and two setbacks to finish third in women`s doubles.

Other Redeemer results included Randal Brus and Blair Hogan each with with four wins and two defeats in men singles. In men’s doubles at 3-3, were Dan Vanden Boogard and Jeremy Steven.

Kate Zandstra and Andrew Lucking also had a 3-3 record in mixed doubles.