Matt Lewis rolls belated birthday gift

Five months after turning 20, Matthew Lewis rolled a perfect game at Splitsville Centre for his third career 300 game. After 208 and 253 games, Lewis used his two-handed delivery for 12 strikes in a row and the 300 for a 761 triple. His first two 300 games were recorded at Prime Time Bowling, the first four years ago when he was only 16. Number two came 10 months later.

He also has a pair of 299s, the first when he was only 13. Three years ago he fired a Canadian record 279 triplicate which he shares with three other men. His current average is 225 for the highest in the Hamilton association this season.

His father, Lionel, has 10 perfect games locally.

The next week Matthew was 33 pins over 1000 with games of 234, 259, 279 and 257 for 1033. That same week, Marty Stokes flipped a 278 and Bill Hicks belted a 930 (258,255).

Five days later in Jonarc action at Skyway Lanes, Joshua Colwell left three pins after 11 straight strikes a 297 game and a 961 (232, 297, 242,190) series. Scott Grunau was high at 993 (234, 254, 279, 226) followed by Todd Downey 980 (255), Travis Cauley 974 (267), Doug Schatz 965 (279), and with super singles were Dave Custeau, 276, and Bruce Tyler, 266. Aleta Manning leads the Monday Knight Ladies with her 192 average, 661 triple and a 278 single last week. Pat Johnson also has a 661 triple with a 269 single and Lesley Ledger threw a 602 triple and Lisa Howard a 244 single.

Mark Ward has blasted his second 290 of the season at Skyway, but his triple was better, a 753. When he had the first 290 his trio was a 630. Barb Hollands, and her 507 triple, reports that Dale Herchenroder was plus 131 with a 539 (193) triple and Skyway Lanes own Helen Nalborczyk was plus 116 at 512 (191). Patty Leitch would like Kristy to know she rolled a 530 with a 210 single. Pat Elo smashed a 229 game and 560 triple and Mark Winger “slipped” in his last game for a 632 (242, 235) triple.

George Sarnelli, with his 596 triple, is back with news that Vince Iacozza Jr. cranked a 685 (214, 213, 258), Carmen Sarnelli had 672 (231, 228, 213) and Ron Colling, who had a 290 earlier this season, hit for 602.

Len Garinger Jr., at Star Lanes is giving Matt Lewis a battle for high average honours after a 743 (258. 258. 227) lifted him to 223 on the season. John Henley is 219, Deric Curley, 218, Reg Howe, 217, Josh Caldwell, 216, and Bill Hicks, at 207. David Novak started his third game with nine strikes for a 263 and 710 triple.

At Burlington Bowl, features included Mike Braet, 258 and 257, Joe Jacques, 243, Dave Volpato, 230, Bob Graham, 221, Brian Moore, 225, and John Price, 220.

Sympathy is extended to Catharine Rowe on the loss of her father, Bob Willis, at age 75 in Victoria. He coached many B.C. bowlers including his three daughters, Catharine, Jennifer and Kimberly, all Team Canada members at one time. He was the builder of Nanaimo’s Evergreen Lanes, which is now Splitsville Centre.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: When Hamilton’s Splitsville Centre opened on Nov. 14, 2009, Art Oliver Sr., after 27 in the third frame, threw nine strikes in a row for a 237. Shortly after Prime Time opened in 2004, Lionel Lewis Jr., in practise, threw a 296, then one month later, also in practise, threw a 300.