Hamilton bowlers heating up the lanes

Tenpin bowlers are warming up along with the weather.

This season has seen just six perfect games up to last week but a trio of 300s, a 298, an 814, and a 290 have been rolled since then. The first perfect man was Ray Havens at Star Lanes with games of 201, 300, and 174 for a 675 triple. Marcel Barrette was perfect at Burlington Bowl as the 155 average kegler fired 139, 300 and 179 for a 618. And finally Marty Stokes rolled his fifth career 300 game at Splitsville Centre.

A double honour winner was Travis Cauley with 279, 246 and 289 for an 814 triple at Splitsville and a 298 game at Skyway Lanes. After the 814, Cauley added a 204 for a 1,018 set and the 298 followed games of 257, 164 and 279 for 998. Continuing his hot streak, Cauley then rolled 790 (257, 258, 275) at Splitsville. Matt Lewis raised his average to a Hamilton-leading 227 with 752 (279). Super singles were Stokes, Tom Johnston and Bill Hicks, all at 278; Shawn Anderson and Sam Gualtieri at 267; and Tony Gualtieri had a 255. He also scored an 800 triple with a 299 game in unsanctioned play.

Prime Time Bowling play saw Mark MacDonald, with his 141 average, blast a 257 game and 619 triple while Lorna Holmes rolled a 232 with her 159 average. Doug Holmes, with his 147 average, totaled 523 (199).

In Star Lanes youth play, Colton Williams, 21, fired a record four consecutive 700s, the last three being 723 (232, 267, 224), 714 (244, 226, 244) and 710 (246, 242, 222) for a 206 average. His younger brother, Dylan, collected a 654 (252); David Novak scored 254, and Adam Henley was good for 223.

At Burlington Bowl, Bruce Turnbull dealt a 686 (257); Art Davies, 231; Leo Puzinas, 222; and John Price, 216. High averages include Mannix Dellaire, 209, Catharine Rowe, 208, and John Stanisz and Vic Riding, 206.

Sympathy to Catharine Rowe on the passing of her father, Bob Willis, at age 75 in Victoria.

The mother-son duo of Brenda and Dylan Herchenroder have taken over both high triples in Skyway Westinghouse action as Brenda smashed a 615 (224) and Dylan had 686 (246).

Ed Margueratt, who lost his 682 triple to Dylan, collected a 255 single and his 19th 600 of the season. Art Oliver tallied a 243, Chris Marquette had a 238, Ron Elliott rolled a 233 and Art Oliver followed 27 in the third frame with nine strikes for a 237. Val Noble edged teammate Sheila Moser, 201 to 200.

In Skyway youth action, Carter Bailey, with personal highs of a 548 triple and 220 single, has raised his average by six pins in two weeks. Joey Ransom, 129 average, flipped a 475 (173); and Brooke Nelson, 87 average, tallied a 363 (148, 121).

In Sherwood five pin play, Eric Milne posted a 912 (393); Mitch Davies had 904 (307, 304); Natalie Laporte was good for 891 (358); Marc Goulet rolled 881 (354); Matt Drugan had 872 (340); John Young had an 866 (325); Steph Hillmer was good for 857 (312); and Sean Ella (322) and John Conti (349) both finished with 853s.

Two United States Bowling Congress hall of famers, Don Carter and his former wife, LaVerne, have passed away in their mid 80s. A 10-year-old boy from Michigan recently rolled an even 800 triple to become the youngest ever to do that in sanctioned play.

HAMILTON FIVEPIN BOWLING HISTORY: Ten years ago, Lisa Clause rolled a 450 at Sherwood four years after Jim Mystyk also rolled 450 at Sherwood. Her 450 was the fourth by a Hamilton woman with the other three being Stephanie Hillmer in 1993, Connie Ward with a pair in the mid 1980s, and Bea McNeaney in 1969. Ward also has a third 450 game in 2002, along with a 300 game in tenpins. Guy Vernon smashed a 1,046 (338, 313, 395) triple at Sherwood. Marty Best and Martin Talbot tied at 416.