McMaster Fence-a-thon to raise money for Children’s Hospital

On Sunday, April 1 the McMaster varsity fencing team is inviting the public for a day of family fun with Ninjas and Jedi at the university. The fencing team is host for Fence-a-thon 2012 in association with the McMaster Children’s Hospital.

The event features free-fencing all day, casual mixed poules (groups), ‘King of the Piste’ (which is the strip on which one fences), and fencing lessons for all ages. Information about the sport will be available along with world-class fencing paraphernalia on display.

There will also be a selection of fun carnival games for all. The day will culminate in a final showdown between last year’s champions, the Ninjas, and this year’s challengers, the Jedi.

This event serves a dual purpose: Raise funds for the children’s hospital while encouraging personal development through the medium of sport. The varsity fencing team “hopes that by providing a venue for challenge and friendly competition to the public we can help every individual to grow and hopefully pursue fencing as a hobby.”

Last year’s Fence-a-thon attracted more than 150 participants and raised $3,800. This year’s goal is $5000. For more information on the event visit