Age isn’t slowing down Ed Margueratt

Edward Margueratt, at age 71, has become the oldest Hamilton bowler with a perfect game.

He finished a 192 first game with four strikes in the Westinghouse League at Skyway Lanes. In previous tries for perfection, he had started with eight strikes before missing. This time with a messenger strike in the seventh frame, then solid strikes in the next two frames for nine straight he had the chance for the ultimate bowlers’ achievement, a 300 game. Most 300 shooters recall a lucky strike in their 300 game, and that came next as a dropped ball caused a cross over for a solid “Brooklyn” and 10 strikes in a row. With a growing crowd watching, and despite admitted nervousness, two solid strikes followed for the magic 300 game. Seconds after the final strike on lane 12, congratulations were plentiful from the Westinghouse & P&G bowlers.

Most perfect bowlers say if they throw a 300, they would like that to be that last game of the night, so there would be no let down. Scores have been known to go from 300 to 150, 140 or lower. Ed Margueratt’s 16 consecutive strikes came to an end in frame one with the four and seven upright in his third game. Three strikes and only one open in the game enabled Margueratt to score a 183 and a 675 triple.

It is the 10th 300 in the 50-year history of the league with Wendell Harrison the last remaining active bowler with a 300. Coming close recently were Art Oliver Sr., 299, and Chris Marquette, 297. The previous oldest 300 Hamilton bowler was Ron McKinnon with his ace in January 2010 at one month shy of 70.

Edward Margueratt started bowling, along with this author, at Queenston Bowl in the late 1950s, where they both also set up pins. They bowled with Hall of Famers Gabe Bihary, Stan Prokop, Carl Balon, Joyce Campbell and Mary Scandlan. After many years away from the game, Edward returned to Skyway Lanes in 1998 and averaged 179. His average steadily climbed to 190 four years later and cracked the 200 barrier with 204 and 200 two seasons ago. It is now 192. Before the 300 his previous high game was 278, recorded twice, the last only two months ago.

Edward has six 700 triples to his credit, including a 713 (277) back in March 1966. The other five – 722, 720, 719, 710, 701 – have been recorded in the last eight years.

Also with perfect games were Marty Stokes, his sixth at Splitsville Centre, and Ray Beitz, his first at Skyway. Stokes had a 942 (237, 300, 191, 214) set and Beitz had an 898 (205, 159, 234, 300). Two weeks before the 300, Beitz threw a 290 in an 867 (290, 167, 215, 195) set at Skyway.

A pair of fabulous four game sets was turned in by Lionel Lewis 1,047 (234, 268, 278, 267) and Matt Lewis 1,029 (234, 259, 279, 257) at Splitsville.

Also in Skyway Westinghouse action, Marcus Herchenroder had a 230, Fred Bird hit 231, Michelle Anger was good for 210 and Doug Stickney’s sister is notified of a 237 game.

In Commercial play, Vince Iacozza edged Vince Jr., 635 (234, 225) to 629 (225).

Jim Margueratt found the range for a 221 in VSL action and Jonarc’s highs included Todd Downey, 955 (267,255); Ed Maurer, 278; and Jason Stevens, 268.

Steve Cowie reports these City efforts: Gord Fickley, 759 (237, 266, 256); Tim Gamble, 756 (223, 277, 256); Pete Haveman, 726 (256, 244, 226); Tim Enoksen, 708 (268); Mick Anderer, 702 (246) and 692 (258); and Mick Ricker, 680 (254).

Bill Howes-Jones, a long time Skyway senior bowler, has passed away at age 96. He was active on the lanes until two years ago.

John Conti is back with Sherwood five pin scores. Mitch Davies had a 939 (257, 298, 384); Jeff Forester rolled an 844 (378); Jay Berryman posted an 829 (303, 285); Nikki Greer scored with 824 (338, 266); Brenda Walters knocked the pins for an 815 (306); Dave Birkby was right behind her with an 813 (281); and Martin Talbot finished with 809 (286).

HAMILTON BOWLING HISTORY: From 1986, Mike Zess, 17, rolled a 450 game in YBC competition at University Lanes. His triple was 848 (227, 450, 171). Connie Dreher claimed her first Ontario Masters Bowlers victory, 257-223. Mike Smiderle had 11 strikes in a row for a 440 at Sherwood. Phil Morris was elected Hamilton Tenpin president. Craig Woodhouse fired a 300 at Skyway in a CTF Tourney and Rusty Selkirk had a bowl off for a 297 game.