Oliver, Manning tops in 10-pin play

Art Oliver Jr. has now totalled 28 honour scores in his Hamilton bowling career.

After league action in 10-pin play last week, Art Oliver Jr. has 28 honour scores and Aleta Manning has one. Oliver added three to his total while Manning fired her first honour score with a near perfect 299.

Back in September, Oliver notched his 14th career perfect game. Then a lonely seven pin remained standing for his fifth career 299 game en route to a 948 (209, 224, 299, 216) set. One week later, also in Jonarc play at Skyway Lanes, perfect game No. 15 and 800 triple No. 6 were recorded in a 1,024 (257, 255, 300, 212) set. His 28 honour scores include 15 perfect games, five 299s, a pair of 298s, and six 800 triples.

Manning started with 11 strikes in Monday Ladies play at Skyway before a stubborn seven remained upright for the 299. Her previous high games were a pair of 289s – once during her 16 years as a junior and again during her 12 years in adult competition. Follow up games of 192 and 225 produced a 716 triple, just 12 pins under her all time high of 728. She bowls weekly on Mondays at Skyway with a 191 average and once a month in the ladies travel league. In March, Manning fired a 278 single at Skyway.

Only three women, Jen Olmsted, Connie Ward, and Dee Gallant have fired 300s at Skyway. Manning’s 299 is the first to miss perfection by one pin at Skyway.

In Skyway V.S.L. play, Derek Hannah blasted a 617 with a 245 high. In Westinghouse action, Kyle Marquette missed Dylan Herchenroder’s 686 high triple by three pins with a 258 high. Art Oliver Sr. dealt a 248, Nobby Herchenroder had a 234 and Val Noble posted a 212. George Reid rushed for a 649 (233) in Happy Gang play.

In Skyway Commercial action, Vince Iacozza Jr. pushed a 685 (258), Carmen Sarnelli rolled 672 (231, 228), Gord Wright scored a 618 (212), Domenic Suppa was good for 613 (246), Ron Colling came home with 602 (214, 231) and on other nights Ron had singles of 245 and 231. Topping the P&G bunch were Brenda Sokolow 554 (201), Mike vanOldenbarneveld, 527 (202), Kareem Elbard, 417 (169), Merk Sokolow, 403 (149), Carrie Lennox with a 150, 151, 152 stepladder series, Tracey Rooke’s 234 single, and 76-year-old Sachi Nakamura with a 460 (166, 165) on a 129 average. Did Barb Hollands trip a 507? Yes she did.

While Art Oliver Jr. has been on fire lately in Jonarc play with his 812, 300, 299, and 1006 (266, 278) games, other super scores have been recorded. Doug Schatz collected sets of 999 (266, 257) and 962 (276) along with a 279 game, and John Giordano posted a 910 (267). Big singles included Travis Cauley, 280, Mark Worotny, 279 and 255, Ryan Dickenson, 266, and Todd Downey 265.

A couple of super 700 triples at Burlington Bowl as Brianna Chrysler blasted a 714 (234, 267, 213) and Mike O’Malley started with a big 270 for a 711. Dustin Fournier used a 257 to score a 654 while Larry Doucet dealt a 650 (235), Dennis Parkin showed 631 (238), and top singles were John Stanisz, 267, Eddy Evans, 246, Cindy Parkin, 232, Karen Nicol, 205, and Bill Nixon, with a 123 average, scored an impressive 203.

Colton Williams tallied a 288 at Star Lanes in Brantford.

Carter Bailey, 13, with a 139 average last season, stared his Skyway youth league with games of 179 and 156. In his third game, his score showed 68 in the fifth frame. Then, never having had five strikes in a row before, Carter struck out with seven in a row for a 218 game and his career high triple, a 553 (179, 156, 218). He was bowling with his cousin Aiden Griffin.

Three big 200 games at Skyway were Betty Lou Shea, 219, Wanda Ward, 211, and June Najbor, 206. Dale Herchenroder collected a 539, Barb Dewing, 534, and Barb Hollands somehow managed a 507 with a 198 game. Brenda Kerec almost doubles her 107 average with a 192 and Lynn Ertl just missed 200 with a 199.

HAMILTON BOWLING HISTORY: In 1954 Valerie Ciach, 12, won the bantam gold medal in YBC National play in Quebec. Al Tone won a tournament in Switzerland with borrowed shoes after leaving his at home. Then he went to Singapore and missed the finals by 31 pins but fired an 828 (290, 247, 289) triple. Before he left for overseas, he rolled an 803 with a 299 in Rochester.

A five-course formal dinner hosted by Sheila Copps on April 30, 1995 at Dundurn Castle, which featured guests from Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and the U.S., had a temporary kitchen set up in the castle’s former bowling alley, which was in use in the mid 1870s. From there it was a mere 78 steps to the dining room.

Ed Taylor, former Y.M.C.A. bowling alleys proprietor, passed away at age 87 on April 18, 1995.