Grimsby hits homerun in SAFE STAR development program

Grimsby Baseball has earned the first three (3) star Softball Association Fundamental Excellence (SAFE) STAR Rating in Ontario. In earning Softball Ontario’s three, (3) STAR Rating, Grimsby has demonstrated a commitment to providing its community with a high quality softball program.

The Grimsby association began its quest to earn a SAFE STAR Rating in 2011, submitting a SAFE STAR Application as well as an application for a SAFE Award for Umpire Development. Using its SAFE Award and SAFE STAR Action Plan, along with resources from Softball Ontario, Grimsby improved the SAFE STAR score over the off-season and now qualifies for a three, (3) STAR Rating – the highest rating awarded so far by Softball Ontario.

“We had a 2-3 year plan so we were excited to even qualify for a SAFE Star Rating but to find out we received a 3 STAR in our first year of implementation had us over the moon,” said Jen Lawson, president of Grimsby Baseball.

“We have a great core group of dedicated volunteers who were determined to put in a solid foundation for future initiatives. This year our numbers almost doubled from 220 returning players to over 400. By implementing the SAFE Star Program our volunteers are being asked ‘This is great, what’s next?’”

Softball Ontario acknowledges SAFE Star Rated Softball Associations for their efforts in the four (4) Pillars of Excellence that make up the SAFE Star Program: Organizational Development, Volunteer Development, Long Term Player Development and Softball Ontario Participation. By achieving Softball Ontario’s standards in all four Pillars of Excellence, the Association’s commitment to ensuring a quality softball program within their community shines through.

“Grimsby can be proud of the efforts they have put into creating a quality softball program in their community,” said Rory Quigley, Softball Ontario’s Participation Program Chairman

Details of Grimsby Baseball’s SAFE Star Rating are available online at and Association wanting more information about the SAFE Star Ratings Program may contact Lisa Crompton at or call 416-426-7150.