Cards continue mastery over the Mets

The Hamilton Rookie Ball Cardinals picked up their eighth win in Central Ontario Baseball Association play in convincing fashion on Wednesday (July 11). The visiting Cards returned home with a 21-3 win after making the most of the Milton Mets hospitality. Hamilton held the Mets to just seven hits.
In their three meetings this season, the Cards have emerged victorious.
Defensively, all players contributed to shutting the Mets and some of the highlights included Dylan Clement making a diving catch in the outfield and doubling off the runner at second base; Eric Gillis with an assist after making a throw from the outfield to first base for an out; Justin DeZoete with a highlight reel catch at short stop; and Justin DeZoete throwing from the deep outfield to cut-off Carson Johnson, who fired a relay strike to Matthew Underwood at third base for a tag out.  
The Cards were equally impressive at the plate. Underwood, Dawson Matsell, and Dezoete all homered for the cause.  Josh Goodridge and Dylan Clement both hammered triples down the left field line while Joel Palmer was 3-for-4 and scored three runs.
In regular season play the Cards have lost five games.