Hollands rings up ‘Big Four’ split

After going more than 10 years without a perfect 300 game in Westinghouse action at Skyway Lanes, Ed Margueratt was perfect on the first day of spring in 2012. Then on the first day of fall 2012, Jeff Laing almost made it only six months between perfect games.

Starting with 10 strikes, Laing went high and left up the six and ten pins, which he missed for a brilliant 286 game. After a 243 opening, he slipped to 178 before rebounding smartly with the 286 for a 707 triple. His previous highs were 699 and 279. Last season’s high was a 684.

Two weeks before the 707, Nobby Herchenroder missed 700 by two pins with a 698 (225,258,215). Ed Margueratt smashed back-to-back 635 triples and Michelle Anger – 160 average – made her dad, Art Oliver Sr., proud with her all time high game, a 247 and a 566 triple.

In the second game of the night, brothers Ed and Jim Margueratt both rolled 213 games.

Highlights from Al Berg in the Skyway Happy Gang league included, Sean Elley, 236; George Reid, 234; Keith Patterson, 233; and Veronica Berg, 181.

In VSL play, Derek Hannah had a 224, Jim Margueratt rolled 214, and Joan Tidey spared the 9-10 split. In junior action, Carter Bailey was plus 42 with a 189.

Super singles in Jonarc play included Aaron Bouchard, 269, Al Oliver, 265, Jason Stevens, 258, Matt Lewis, 255, Ian Colby and Crystal Maurer, 246, Bill Lishinski, 245, David Adams, 232, Corey Raymer, 228, and Scott Grunau, 225.

I don’t know how it happened, but anything is possible as evident by Barb Hollands sparing the “Big Four” split (4-6-7-10 pins) on Sunday night.

Bill Hicks’s report from Splitsville Centre included his own series of 928 and 927 with singles of 267 and 261. Travis Cauley was over 1,000 by 19 pins with games of 289, 279, 255, and 226. The one and only Mister “T” scored a pair of good singles of 258 and 255, while John Olejar had 268, 257, and 255 in different weeks. Corey Davies had a 255 and Hicks was back with a 269.

Hamilton’s Catharine Rowe, who, along with her sisters, Jennifer and Kimberly, will be inducted into their native British Columbia’s ten pin shrine, is looking to extend her high averages honours to four seasons after firing a 704 (256, 236, 222) triple and singles of 267, 238, and 222 at Burlington Bowl.

She has topped Hamilton women twice with a 217 average, and once at 208. Other Burlington Bowl highlights included super singles from Chris McDonald (267), Brian Moore (259, 248), John Stanisz (252, 228), Rob May (262, 240), Jan Jacobsen (218), Nancy Drimmie (207 with a 142 average), Doug Miller (200 with a 145 mark).

Scott Charles missed a Century award by two pins with a big 268 game.

A high triple record for Canada has been set by Bill Kirton with a 34-strike night and games of 299, 290 and 300 for an 889 in Mississauga. He surpassed scores by two Quebec bowlers, 879 by an adult and 882 by a junior. Star Lanes reports a 300 game and details are forthcoming. George Lambert’s second 300 game in Las Vegas is featured on the Bowl TV spot on the U.S.B.C. web site.

Tony Reyes, 38 who competed on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour for 14 years, and rolled a 300 game in winning his only PBA title in 2006, died as the result of a traffic accident in San Francisco. Another PBA star, Jason Couch, is scheduled to visit the Hamilton area soon. He has won 16 PBA titles, including four majors, and was Rookie of the Year in 1991 and elected to the PBA Hall of Fame this year. Couch has 41 perfect games.

This Saturday (Oct. 13) is the Tournament of Champions at Skyway.


Fourteen years ago in the Commonwealth Games in Malaysia, Bill Rowe Jr., started with a perfect game. At Skyway, Chantelle Griffin smashed a 714 and 265. Arnold Witley joined Irene Witley in the five-pin Hall of Fame. Four-year-old Thomas Waver rolled a 136 at Sherwood and The Hamilton Spectator’s contributing bowling writer, Bob Coulter, was inducted into the Hamilton Tenpin Hall of Fame.

And – believe it or not – there was a two-lane bowling alley in the Notre Dame Convent on Snake Road in Waterdown.