Ward, McCue take charge at Skyway

Mark Ward, with a 748 (259, 266, 223) triple and Phil McCue with a 277 single and 661 triple topped the Skyway Lanes P&G league. With a 180 average, McCue just missed a Canadian Tenpin Federation century award. Merk Sokolow, carrying a 114 mark, popped a 440 with a 191 game while Brenda Sokolow dealt a 232 game.

And with singles in the 230s were Ian Colby, 236, Kristy Toth, 234, and Al Toth, 230. Kitty Herchenroder, 122 average, stole the spotlight from sons Nobby and Marcus with a 507 triple and 203 single while Amy Anderer turned in a clean game with her 153 average.

For those who missed it, believe it or not, Barb Hollands spared the Big Four split.

When P&G takes to the lanes, the Westinghouse gang are in action and Nobby Herchenroder was celebrating with a 664 triple and 254 single two days before his son, Dylan, turned 19. Kyle Marquette tripped a 630 with a big 255, Ed Margueratt had back-to-back 635 triples along with games of 245 and 239. Other super singles included Ron Elliott’s 247, Wendell Harrison’s 245, Fred Bird’s 237, and Val Noble’s 203 and 200 singles followed by a 593 with a 219 single the next week.

After these two leagues are finished, the Happy Gang takes over and Sean Elley smashed a 653 with a pair of 234s, George Reid showed 614 (233), Keith Patterson had a 214, and Veronica Berg scored with a 177-176-175 series.

For the VSL bunch, Ed Margueratt and Derek Hannah had matching 613 triples and Jim Margueratt started with a 223.

At the Mountain’s Splitsville Centre, Mark Hebert cranked a 976 set with a 279 single, Tom Johnston had 894 with a 258, Bill Hicks scored with singles of 269, 267, and 261, and John Olejar had games of 268, 257 and 255.

Burlington Bowl play saw fine singles by Ron Young, 235, John Price, 233, George Knox, 226, Matt Harper, 222, Dan Lowry, 214, and Scott Mitchell, an even 200.

The Provincial Seniors Tournament is at Burlington Bowl this Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 27-28).

Reliable five pin reporters John and Norm are back with scores from Sherwood Centre and with 900s are Kyle Pacey, 937 (297, 358, 282), and Michelle Pike, 905 (351, 264, 290).

In the 800s are Dave Bentley, 893, Dave Birkby, 874, Mitch Davies, 849, Chantal Papineau, 840, and Mike Poole , Roger Bleses and John Young, 834 each.

Young and Steve Bleizeffer topped the single parade with 371s while Jay Berryman hit a 367, Bleses, 351, Mitch Davies, 345, and Martin Talbot, 341. High averages are Birkby, 267, Mitch Davies, 254, Bentley, 252, Jim Davies, 251, and Michelle Pike, 248.

Ten Hamilton bowlers have rolled perfect games while still juniors – Corey Whitehouse, Jayson Legg, Jen Olmsted, Chris King, William Russell, Travis Cauley, Jeff Dalton, Brian DeFrancesco, Matt Lewis, and Chelsea King. Whitehouse, Lewis, King, and Cauley also have 299s.

The high average in junior play last season belonged to Colton Williams at Star Lanes with a 208 for the boys and Brianna Chrysler at 182 for the girls at Burlington Bowl. Williams also had a 723 triple and 267 single and Chrysler scored a 642 triple and 235 single. Also at Star, David Novak was second with a 204 average but first with a 758 triple and 298 single.


In 1996, Lionel Lewis Jr., won the Masters title in a Costa Rica tournament and won the doubles title with Linda Higenell in the T. of A. in Miami. Before he left, he rolled a 297 game. Brian Whalen rolled 236, 251, and 450 for a 937 at Sherwood. Blanche Hill, who bowled until age 100, passed away at 105. Canal Bowl, owned by John W. Miller, torn down in 1981, was located at 1150 Beach Boulevard, next door to the Burlington Beach Amusement Park.