Laing falls short of second big night

A few weeks back Jeff Laing threw a 708 triple in Westinghouse play at Skyway Lanes. Last week he gave it a go but came up nine pins short with a 699 (255, 257, 187). In the 255, 10-pin game he started with five strikes and finished with five strikes.

The week before, Mount Hope’s Doug Stickney was hopeful of a top triple before he left on a golfing trip and he succeeded with a 680 (214, 253, 213). On the same night Ron Elliott scored a 614 while Ed Margueratt had 613 (227, 222), Sheila Moser scored 565, Kyle Marquette rolled 235, and Mark Herchenroder had 220.

In Happy Gang action, as reported by Alice Berg, George Reid had a 612 (223) and a 207 while Al Berg tallied a 198.

For the P&G bunch, Tracey Rooke boasted a 603 (216), John Christie was plus 70 with a 210, Jim Hollands had a 527, Monica Pratt scored 519 (199), and Charlie Leclair showed a 454 with a 123 average. High averages are Mark Ward’s 214 and Kristy Toth’s 188. High triples belong to Ward, 748, and Toth, 595. The best singles are Phil McCue, 277, and Toth, 236.

An interesting team name is Paul’s Grannies with Paul Ward, Shirley Morris, June Najbor, Kitty Herchenroder and Helen Nalborczyk. This 10-team league is in the capable hands of Barb Hollands. Sean Bailey is proud of son Carter, who, with a 156 average, collected his all- time high game, a 243.

For the V.S.L. men, Chuck Ellis had a 241 and Don Fraser spared the 4-7-9-10 split.

Always reliable Barb Hollands reports many top scores from Burlington Bowl. Brian Moore’s 633 (246,259); Chris McDonald’s 599 with a 267 third game; John Price’s 612 (233); Vic Prohaska’s 597 (226); Eddy Evans’s 583 (212); Sandy McKeown’s 540 (213); Nancy Drimmie’s 539 (207); George Knox’s 537 (226); Carol Goossens’s 501 with an even 200; Sue Oxtoby’s 509 (212); Eddie Gravelle’s 517 (227); and Scott Charles missed a Century award by one pin with a 268 game for a 625 triple.

Adam Turner, 131 average, built a 214 game and Bobbie Biederman was plus 40 with a 155. Topping all of those scores was Shawn Ferguson with games of 208, 243 and 256 for a brilliant 707.

Prime Time Bowling saw Russell Ross blast games of 269, 279 and 239 for a 787. There are rumours about a 300 at Star Lanes, but we’re awaiting confirmation.

Here are five pin scores from the Wednesday Pro League at Sherwood Lanes as reported by John Conti. Slipping over the magic 900 mark were Kyle Pacey and Michelle Pike, 902, and in the 800s were Dave Birkby, 893, Rob Macdonald, 873, Ron Blessess, 856, Mitch Davies, 853, Krista Derkach, 852 and Chantal Papineau, 848. A couple of super singles were Steve Bleizeffer, 371 and Wayne Webb, 363.

After the first two months of the season, the high averages belong to Mitch Davies, 261, Dave Birkby, 252, Dave Bently, 251, Rob Macdonald, 249, and Michelle Pike, 248.


Twenty years ago this week at Skyway, Jane Amlinger rolled her 12th. 700 triple, a 707 with a 290 game and Alex Gorda and Liz Lambert spared the “Big Four”. Bruce Cockburn was named manager of Lucky Strike Bowlerama where Bill Schwemlein rolled a 450 game. Bill Rowe Jr., bowl out a 300 for the Westinghouse Men. Debbie Lane won a 1992 Ford escort in Cincinnati by rolling a 277 game, 128 pins over her average. In five pin tournament play, John Conti had a 1,011 triple and Brent Flynn posted a 433 game. The Hamilton Five Pin Association was 30-years-old.