Hamilton athletes achievements on the Breakfast menu

Saturday (Nov. 10) is the deadline for Hamilton teams and athletes to be registered for this year’s Breakfast of Champions. The event recognizes gold medal winning efforts at provincial meets or participation at national or International competitions during 2012.

The breakfast will be held Monday, Dec. 3, at Carmen’s Banquet Centre on Stone Church Road.

Registration can be done online at http://sporthamilton.com/

In order to qualify for the Breakfast of Champions, athletes or teams must meet at least one of the following criteria:

The athlete or team is a provincial champion through a recognized provincial sport body.(For example, high school athletes must win an Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations’ title); The athlete or team competed at the national level representing a province or region – there must have been a provincial championship to enter the national or regional championship; The athlete or team has competed at the international level by qualifying to represent Canada. (open entry international competitions that do not require qualifiers, are not eligible).

Questions should be directed to SportHamilton president Helen Downey at info@sporthamilton.com.

This year’s guest speaker will be Dr. Greg Wells, who recently hosted the Gemini-Award winning Superbodies segments. Also scheduled to attend is Annaleise Carr, 14. This past summer she became the youngest person to swim Lake Ontario and raised $90,000 for Camp Trillium.

Sport Hamilton is a not for profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of amateur sports in Hamilton.