Johnstons are perfect father-daughter duo

On the day Toronto was celebrating winning the Grey Cup, another jubilation was taking place at Skyway Lanes as soon-to-be-18-years-old Christine Johnston put it all together in her second game for the ultimate perfect 300 game.

After a 166 start came the 300, followed by another strike to start game three for a 149 and a 615 triple. The previous week she fired her highest ever triple, a sparkling 685 with games of 227, 235 and 223. The award application was filled out before she finished her third game.

Along with Tom Johnston’s three perfect games, they are only the second father and daughter Hamiltonians with 300 games along with Ed and Crystal Maurer.

Other perfect Hamilton women – so to speak – are Dee Gallant, Linda Higenell, Amy Bouchard, Joyce Campbell, Val Chastney, Patti Ellis, Chelsea King, Jen Olmsted, Catharine Rowe, Sioban Ryans, Connie Ward, and Laura Wilmer. Only Rowe and Ward are still bowling locally.

One of Christine’s coaches is Craig Woodhouse, who is currently in Poland for the AMF World Cup where two-time champion Michael Schmidt is currently ninth.

Two weeks after Mick Anderer fired his second 300 game at Skyway Lanes, he came within two pins of number three as the four and eight remained defiant for a 298 game and 746 ( 253, 298,195) triple. In the 253, he started with eight strikes before a pair of open frames got in his way. His father, Mike, also has a 300 to his credit in Westinghouse play.

The 300 and 298 came in the City Tenpin league, which at 110 years old is the statesman in Canada.

Barb Hollands spared the very difficult “Big Four” split.

Ed Margueratt came within nine pins of his seventh 700 triple at Skyway with seven strikes in each game of 236, 225 and 230 for a 691. The six are 722, 720, 719, 713, 710 and 701.

Nobby Herchenroder scored a 640 with a 261, Jeff Laing had a 635 (225), Sean Elley was good for 617 (223), Art Oliver Sr. rolled a 615, George Reid posted a 609, Chuck Ellis hit 606 (224, 220), Ron Elliott scored with a 598 (237) as did Derek Hannah, Wendell Harrison put up a 231, Sheila Moser was good for 214, and Dwight Young was plus 140 with a 593 triple with a pair of even 200 games.

At Splitsville, Travis Cauley came within 19 pins of Troy Demers long standing 1,090 set with games of 279, 279, 234 and 279 for 1,071. Before witnessing daughter Christine and her 300, Tom Johnston tossed an impressive 256.

John Conti is back with Sherwood Lanes’ five pin scores which included Norton Sims impressive 908 while Ron Bleses dealt a 862, Michelle Krick had a 857, and John Young posted a 825. Conti himself was good for 822 with Don Harada scoring an 820 and Mike Poole rolling a super 383 single.

Joey Welling was plus 110 at Burlington Bowl with a 536 triple and 209 single. Walt Okhiro, who carries a 126 average, just missed 200 with a 199 and Brian Moore used a big 279 for a 635. Jan Stannix and Peter Morin both rolled 209s; Susan Scargall was plus 60 at 223; and Rick Gurman used a 257 to slip over 600 by seven pins.

Fine singles included Marcel Barrette (241), Ken Clewer (215), Leo Puzinas (207), Chris Kinzinger (200), and Brianna Crysler (200).

Twelve-year-old Chris Bowles tallied a 512 (184) and Alanna Carriera, 13, a consistent 108, 111 and 109 for 328.


Long gone bowling houses from 1955 are Olympia, Pla-Mor, Winter Gardens, Beach Road, Central, Dofasco, Queenston Bowl, Mountain, Kenilworth and Connaught. Proprietors were Leon Hudecki, Al Balfour, Joe Krusto, “Porky” Garbutt, Reta Taylor, Thelma Shaw, Edith Ricci and Adam Blandy.

Five pin Bowler of the Year was Marion Lane. CHML’s nightly broadcast originated from the Crown on Monday and Central on Tuesday. Stan Battersby won the Ontario five-pin title by a 2,690 to 2,534 score.