Mohawk finds chemistry at volleyball tournament

MohawkMohawk finished 2-3 in the Adidas Cup women’s volleyball tournament at Durham College in Oshawa on Saturday (Jan. 5). The Mountaineers divided a pair of decisions on the second and final day of the 16-team event.

Mohawk rallied to defeat Algonquin of Ottawa, as Melissa DeHaan had her best all round match of the season, with six kills, four service aces and seven stuff blocks, in a back and forth match between the fourth place teams in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association’s two regions.

In the final game, the Mountaineers got off to a fast start, but Niagara bounced back to defeat them in four sets. Following a 25-23 win in the first set, Mohawk head coach Andrew Nicholson elected to play his bench the rest of the way, not wanting to hurt his starters with no championship on the line.

“I chose to rest them and let the kids who supported those players have elongated match play,” said Nicholson. “I couldn’t be more proud of our team. This weekend we achieved all of our team goals. (We) played with passion, played with supreme effort and ultimately defined what a Mountaineer women’s volleyball player is.”