Hamilton’s Murphy strikes it big

skywaylanesNick Murphy of Hamilton, employed at Skyway Lanes, has picked up his first tournament win in adult competition at Woodlawn Bowl in Guelph.

In the qualifying round, he placed 11th with 1,003 for five games. Other Hamiltonians qualifying to advance were Conrad Merkir, Shawn Anderson, Steve Smith, Shawn Legge, Lionel Lewis, and Travis Cauley. In the first round, Murphy defeated Smith, 186-178 with Anderson and Lewis also advancing.

Round two saw Murphy upsetting Anderson, 204-181 and setting up a semi-final match with Lewis where Murphy posted a 220 but Lewis pulled out with an injury.

In the championship match against former Hamilton bowler Joe Ciach, Murphy won by 31 pins, 256-225. He averaged 207 for nine games in claiming the $1,500 top prize. In a previous stop at Skyway Lanes, Ciach captured the title.

The next tourney stop is set for Burlington Bowl.

More details later but Kevin Lenko has fired a 300 game, John Stenekes had a 290 and hall of famer Al Tone rolled a 1,008 set with 279 and 277 in the Sterling Hexad Alliance league at Skyway.

Jeff Easton posted a 300 at Star Lanes.

Two new bowlers had very good nights at Skyway as Mike Zawhorodny blasted a 713 (209, 266, 238) and Mike Iggenti had a 605 (236, 168, 201). Russ Selkirk started with a 276 and finished with a 267 to eventually lead to a 760. Squeezing over 700 by five pins was Matt Smith with 239, 240 and 226 for 705.

Ryan Smith claimed a Century award as he was plus 109 with a 255 for a 553 triple. Jeff Mazepa started with a pair of 204s but no triplicate as a 242 gave him a 650. A 265 start by Glen Ajandi gave him a 607 and tying with 550s were Mike Sakula, with a 200 game, Vince Palango, 157 average, and Kevin Savelli, 146 average.

Ron Elliott pitched a 265 game and Roger Barnes grooved a 497 with a 180 game.

For the Herchenroder’s, Klaus led with 243, Marcus had 226, Nobby was good for 222, and Dylan showed a 214. Jayme Allen pitched a 661 (246), George Reid was good for 617 (214), Ed Margueratt hit a 616, Sean Elley scored a 615 (222), Jeff Laing was consistent with 223 and 221, and Val Noble had a 214.

Barb reports in P&G play, that Ryan Salo had a 513 with a 222 single, Kerry Fellows rolled 518 with 187 and 184, Nancy Evans scored a 457 (168), Lynda Hirschmann’s best was a 206 game, and Helen Nalborczyk scored a 179 all spare game.

For the Skyway juniors, five-year-old Robert Griffin, with a 91 average, scored games of 140 and 135. Austin Gottlieb, 148 average and who recently blasted a 250 single, can add a 625 (203, 192, 230) triple. Brooke Nelson, 117 average, mixed a 144; Shelbie Smith-Rizzi, 69 average, dealt a 99; Drake Kotecki, 53 average, had a 230 triple; Caydence Meler, 48 average, rolled a 60 game; and Amanda Andrade, with a 34 average, almost doubled it with a 66. Thanks June.

From Burlington Bowl, super singles included Art Davies. 254, Jamie Martin, 236 and 203, Sylvia Beneteau, 234, Cindy Parkin, 225, Duncan Robinson, 219, Allan Toole, 212, Breennan Parkin, 211, Susan Scargall, 204, Peter Winstanley202, Leo Puzinas, 201, Donna Lowry, 198, Gary Hewgill, 189, Rick Arial, 188, Rose Woods, 185, and Brad Irleand finished with 201 and 227 for a 601.

Next column will be the results of the Youth Challenge Hamilton Zone Five-Pin qualifying round.


One year ago, Russell Ross fired a 300, Scott Grunau, Vince Iacozza and David Novak each had 298s and John Stanisz rolled a 296. Brent Andrecyk had the first 10 strikes for a 286. Ian Wilson and Henry Pachulec were inducted into the Ontario Five-pin Bowlers Hall of Fame. Two years ago, Chelsea King fired a perfect 300 game and Sean Bailey also rolled a 300 with his son Carter watching. Anthony DiBattista was close with 299 in Stoney Creek. Catharine Rowe had an 802 (300) bowl out and Scott Grunau notched a 295 game. A Brantford team rolled a record 3,368 (1,066, 1,192, 1,110) team triple.