Grunau chases elusive No. 12

bowling_alleyScott Grunau, for the seventh time, started with 11 strikes, and for the seventh time failed to throw number 12. A 6-7-10 split left him with his third career 297 game. The other 297s were in December 2007 and September 2008. He also had a pair of 299s in January 2002 and January 2009, along with a 295 in December 2009.

Rounding out the close calls was a 298 in October 2011. Don Deveau and John Grant know how Grunau feels as they both strung 11 strikes in a row and missed perfection before notching number 12. The most unusual was Deveau with 295, 296, 297, 298 and 299 before scoring his 300 while Grant had a quartet of 299s before stroking his 300.

William Russell and Jeff Easton did record strike number 12 for their 300 games as Russell mixed a 989 (192, 257, 300, 240) set in Jonarc play at Skyway and Easton whipped his second 300 of the season at Star for a 795 (258, 237, 300) triple. Then Kevin Lenko threw 12 in a row at Skyway for his 300 in Sterling Hexad Alliance action. That makes 10 perfect games this season compared with only five last season at this time.

Also in Jonarc action, super singles included Amanda Lupton and Matt Lewis, 290, Ray Beitz, 279, Steve Smith and Matt Lewis, 278, Travis Cauley, 270. With 900 series were Scott Grunau, 954 with a pair of 247s, Doug Schatz, 950 (266), and Reg Howe, 910 (258, 209, 245, 198) with a 185 average.

Highlighting P&G action, were Mark Ward, 267, Patty Leitch, 238, and Monica Pratt, 237, while in Westinghouse play, Jeff Laing, 278, Fred Bird, 244 with a 620 triple, and their team rolled a 1,024 scratch game with Sheila Moser adding a 183, Bill Ryce, 163, and Val Noble, 156.

At Splitsville Centre, Lynda Hirschmann beat her 130 average by 106 pins with a 496 triple to win the Hamilton Association Pins Over Average Tournament with Micki Ferguson and Mike Merkir next.

For the Splitsville juniors, Jerren Pottruff with a 152 average tripped a 541 with a 203 single; Troy Marshall, 118 average had a 460 with a 170; and Eric Smith, 88 average, rolled 328 with a 123 game. Bill Hicks reports that he threw a 257.

At Star Lanes one week before, Easton threw his second 300 of the season, blasting a 784 (248, 267, 269). Len Garinger Jr. posted a 720 (267), Rob Heaton rolled a 695 (258), and Bill Hicks was good for 682 (266).

For Chris Petrow’s Little Rebels at Skyway, Robert and Aiden Griffin were hot as five-year-old Robert with a 57 average, rolled a 331 (101, 90, 140) and Aiden, 11-years old and a 98 average, fired a 354 (110, 128, 116). Robert has raised his average to 89. Their cousin, Carter Bailey, 14m with a 156 average, smoked a 516 with a 243 game.

bowleramaBowlerama Stoney Creek saw Val Ciach-Link impress big brother Joe with triples of 725 (267, 213, 245) and 704 (213, 268, 223). Nicole Raymer dealt a 592 (234), Sandra Guthrie had a 201 and a 523 triple, while Mike Alexander was three pins over his 196 average with a 199 triplicate. Gordon Howarth spared the “Big Four” split and Rick Squires was plus 73 with a 208. Mackenzie Leitch, Dave Custeau’s niece, with an 86 average, grooved a 344 with a pair of 133s.

For the Thirsty Thursday bunch at Burlington Bowl, Jim Fenbow, 141 average, impressed Mary Lou with a 220 game and 507 triple. Peter Morin grabbed a 658 with a 251 single, Tom McFadden posted a 215, and Pam Miller was good for 187.

John Conti reports that these three teams have qualified at the Youth Challenge Zone at Bol-O-Drome to represent Hamilton at the Provincial Five-Pin Championships in Oshawa. The ladies top scorer was Melanie Moser followed by Shawna Upson, Jordan Terry, Richelle Eberhardt and Lia Conti with Geoff Dunn the coach. The men’s team will be led by Dan Anderson with Dan Tsaikas, Marshall Hanigan, Rick Giles and Shawn Barrow with coach Ian Wilson. Dave Mitchell will coach the mixed team of Ross Varlow, David Helwig, Andrew Witley, Erica Shenton and Nicole vaNuland. Good luck in Oshawa.

On a sad note, Joyce Campbell, one of only 14 Hamilton women with a perfect 300 game, has passed away at age 74. On Nov. 26, 1989, Joyce fired games of 173, 194, 159 and then the magic 300 for an 826 set at Hamilton Mountain Bowl, one day before her birthday. At that time she was only the second Hamilton woman to score the ace after Linda Higenell. In 1983, Joyce was the fourth inductee into the Hamilton Women’s Tenpin Hall of Fame. She won the women’s high average a record 11 times with a high of 193. Sympathies to her husband, Bill, daughter, Kim, and brother, Allan.


Thirty years ago the high averages were Ed Maurer, 214, and Joyce Campbell, 193. High triples were Bruce Wilson, 827, and Joyce Campbell, 692. Perfect games went to Gord Urkevich, Bruce Wilson, Bill McKnight, Garry Bailey, and Rick Russell. Association presidents were Mike Sydor and Dorothy Green. Secretaries were Andy Toth and Shirley Gordey. The junior association was led by Norm Robinson. The first recipients of the Bill Bailey Scholarship award were Rick Thorpe and Michelle Picott.