Canadian Hall of Fame nomination for 10-pinner Rowe

bowling_alleyWith less than two months left in the current campaign, Matt Lewis has rolled the season’s first 800. After a 269 opening, Lewis threw 10 consecutive strikes before a 10 pin spare for a 289. Needing a 242 for his second career 800 triple, he was 10 pins better for an 810. A 237 fourth game lifted him to a 1,047 set.

His first 800 was a Canadian record-tying 279 triplicate for an 837. At the same time, Tom Johnston also fired a 289 game for a 1,026 (266, 202, 289, 269) set.

Aaron reports from the Skyway Jonarc league that Scott Grunau, after the disappointment of a 297 game recently, smoked games of 258, 248, 268, and 257 for a 1,031 set. Willy Russell fired a 986 (269, 225, 234. 258) set and 267 single. Art Oliver Jr., tossed a 966 (233, 221, 237, 275), Shawn Anderson had a 954 (259, 214, 207, 274) and Deric Curley rolled 953 (220, 244, 235, 254) while super singles included Doug Schatz’s 268 and 266 and Conrad Merkir’s 268.

The big news in P&G action is Barb Hollands. Carrying a 137 average, Hollands blasted a 571 triple with a 205 game along with a 181 single another week. Helen Nalborczyk didn’t roll a strike in one game, but had 10 spares for the difficult 179 all spare game. John Christie cooked up a 221 game with his 144 average and Monica Pratt put together enough strikes for a big 237 with her 154 average. Kerry Fellows, 138 average, scored a 528 and 192 single, Linda Williams counted 502 (195) with her 138 average, Bruce Todd hit 560 (200), and Carrie Lennox posted a 151.

Dylan Herchenroder topped father Nobby in Westinghouse action 277 to 267 and Doug Stickney was third at 255. The top triple was Ed Margueratt’s 671 (233, 213, 225).The previous week the women were the best as Val Noble cracked a 585 (215, 200) and Michelle Anger came home with a 213.

Happy Gang bowlers feeling good were Sean Elley with a 668 (254), Jayme Allen with 627 (236), George Reid with 246 and 238, and Keith Patterson improved each game by one pin with 175, 176, 177.

VSL play saw Ed Margueratt score 595, Derek Hannah roll 233, and Denise Margueratt and dad Ed both spared the 2-7-8 split.

Bill Rowe Jr. (Photo: PBA)

Bill Rowe Jr. (Photo: PBA)

Bill Rowe Jr., has been nominated for the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. The last time a bowler was inducted into the Hall was 36 years ago. Of the more than 500 members, only five are bowlers. Rowe has won 15 medals in international competition, including four gold. He was recently named head coach of the Qatar Bowling team for a year. Rowe and Al Tone has again been nominated for the Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame. Results with be announced later this month.

Reliable June Najbor reports fine bowling by the Skyway juniors as Christine Johnston smoked a 632 (217, 211, 204), Brooke Nelson had 440 (157, 148, 133), and Lindsey Pearce rolled 333 (127, 120). In tournament play, Johnston impressed with a 253 single.

For the Skyway Little rebels, Norman Walton, 15, continued his fine bowling with a 125 single and 279 triple with his 67 average. Seven-year-old Noah Gagne, with his 77 average, used a 162 game for a 291 triple. Well done Norman and Noah.

Burlington Bowl high singles included Jamie Martin, 236, Allan Gowling, 231, Bea Keays, 225, Anne Robson, 213, Allan Toole, 212, Eddie Gravelle, 210, Peter Morin, 209, David Roick, 205, Sophie Turnbull, 204, Joe Jacques, 202, Cathy Watson, plus 60 with a 191, and Colleen Dunn, plus 107 and a 491 triple.

Winning the annual Hamilton Association Scotch Doubles Tournament at Bowlerama Stoney Creek were Floretta Hill and Terry Fish.

The co-chairs for the Sports Organizing Committee for the 2015 Pan Am Games bowling competition to be held at Classic Bowl are Brian and Erin McMaster of St. Catharines.

Ten 10 perfect games have been rolled this season, but none for more than two months. In September and October there were two each, a trio in November, only one in December and a pair in January.

The provincial tournament is set for Burlington Bowl in May.

With the retirement of Hazel McLeary of Victoria, the editors of the Canadian Tenpin Federation Connection are Don Tereck of Winnipeg and Sandy Lowe of Oshawa.

Former Hamilton bowlers have been perfect recently. Troy Demers in Niagara Falls and Joe Ciach in Oshawa. Chelsea King is averaging 182 in college play in the United States. George Lambert IV, competed at a World Bowling Tour event in Japan and averaged 195 for nine games with a 227 high.


At a pre-Olympic tournament in Atlanta in 1996, Bill Rowe Jr., beat Roberto Silva of Mexico 235 to 215 in the finals. In June 1996, a 296 game was rejected as the sanction was not in on time. Bill Bailey, 80, with a 136 average, rolled a 136 triplicate in 1973.