Hamilton Westinghouse league rolls into history

bowling_alleyJeff Easton started the 2012-13 season with a 300 game at Star Lanes. Now with the season almost over, Easton, with a 229 average, has rolled another pair of 300 games.

His second came in a 795 (258, 237, 300) triple and No.3 was in the middle of a 749 (215, 300, 234) series. The individual record for 300s in a season is four by Shawn Anderson.

One week after Easton’s last ace, Steve Cherry picked up an 11-in-a-row award plaque for a 290 game in the middle of a 669 (181, 290, 198) triple at Star. Another Star ten-pinner with 11 straight is Bruce Tyler, who had the first 11 for a 298 and 751 (298, 237, 216) triple. Except for an early 300, all honour scores have been recorded at either Star or Skyway. A 300 was rolled at Splitsville but in an unsanctioned league.

Last season there were 1,279 sanctioned bowlers, this season it’s 1,212. Years ago with fewer outside interests, membership was over 6,000.

skywaylanesBecause of declining membership, the Westinghouse league at Skyway Lanes will cease operation after this season. After over 45 years, the league which at one time featured 60 men, is now down to 23 men and women. Previous members included Joe Ciach, Al Tone, Bill Rowe Jr., Lionel Lewis Jr., George Lambert the fourth and Art Oliver Jr. In the past 32 years, 10 men fired perfect 300 games: Jim Kompare, Graham Hartley, Mike Anderer, Rob Gray, Rob Brookes, Lionel Lewis Jr., Marty Stokes, Art Oliver Jr., Wendell Harrison and Ed Margueratt. Season high averages have ranged from 181 to 220.

Late season super singles include Wendell Harrison, 256, Ron Elliott with the first seven strikes for a 245, Kyle Marquette, 234, Ed Margueratt, 222, and Dylan Herchenroder, 220.

Aleta Manning, who tripped a 299 game last season, missed 700 by four pins with games of 237, 244 and 215 for 696 in the Monday Knight Ladies. One week after Denise Margueratt took over women’s high single at 186 in the VSL, she spared the 4-7-10 split. In practise, her father, Edward, spared the 6-7-10 split.

Proud father Sean Bailey reports that his 14-year-old son, Carter, 160 average, has fired his first 600 triple on games of 215, 212 and 193 for 620 for the Skyway Rebels. For the Skyway Sunday juniors, Joey Ranson blasted a 637 (247), and Christine Johnston had a 606 (214). Ashley Nelson was plus 104 with a 419 (158, 148,113), Lindsey Pearce beat her average by 50 pins with a 144, Brooke Nelson was plus 44 at 162, P.J. Cheyne-Miller was plus 34 at 158, and with fine triples were Andrew Rees 317 (134) at plus 62, and Drake Kotecki’s 254 was 65 pins above his average.

At Burlington Bowl, Michael Braet was nine pins better than 700 with games of 245, 208 and 256. Dave Frizzell saved the best for last as a 250 lifted him to a 632. George Mawhinney started with 223 and 220 for a 612 and coming close to 600 were Gary Trute, 596 (215), and Mike Pietrantonio 593 (232).

Ed Cockburn threw a pair of 200s for 570. With triplicates were Mike Scragall, 150, Bernice Lillies, 146, Lillian Welsh, 107, and with three games of an even 100 was Carol Smith. Anna Chiarcos was plus 88 with a 227, Kathy Kishimoto was plus 73 for a 211, and with 200 games were Dave Boughton, 230, Kevin Reid, 226, Linda Gamelin, 210, Greg Salo, 209, David Roick, 208, Gary Hewgill, 207, Todd Hevenor, 204, Dwight Patterson, 203, Meaghan Harper and Bob Smith, 201, and Aaron Cockburn was plus 80 with a solid 225.

A 223 gave Dean Lashley an even 600 and Katie Morrison, with her 129 average, recorded her first 200 and first 500 with games of 213, 162 and 161 for 536.

Last year a pair of perfect 900 triples were rolled in eight days in the U.S. Last week another pair of perfect 900 triples were rolled in only five days. The first was in Rhode Island and the second, and more impressive, was the first ever 900 in PBA history as a North Carolina man started qualifying in Florida with 300s for the 900. Then three sub 200 games left him in 14th place. There are now been 23 perfect 900 triples.

Reliable John Conti is back with his big Sherwood five-pin triples: Jim Davies, 943, Dave Birkby, 846, Michelle Krick, 831, Danny Anderson, 802, and Rob Macdonald, 801.


In 1905 a Seattle man rolled a 299 ½ game as on his last shot, the pin broke in half leaving the bottom half standing.

In 1908, a Tennessee man saved the life of a fellow bowler with CPR, then returned to the lanes and rolled his first ever 300.

In 1939, the highest triple ever was rolled at 886. Since then it has been broken over 100 times.

Roy Rogers, the King of the Cowboys, once rolled a 286 game.