Westinghouse league folds with co-champions

skywaylanesIn the almost 50-year history of the Westinghouse League at Skyway Lanes, there have never been co-champions, until now. In the few times there were ties, a roll-off decided the title.

But when the final ball was thrown this season, tied for first place were the Cliff Hangers (Brenda and Klaus Herchenroder, Carol Ford and Kyle Marquette) and the Star Warriors (Michelle Anger, Art Oliver Sr., Ron Elliott and Jim and Ed Margueratt). The league is no-more due to declining membership. At its peak it featured 60 men but at the end it was down to 23 men and women. The two longest serving members were Doug Stickney, and Jim Margueratt and the last super secretary was Sheila Moser. The last actual Westinghouse employee in the league was Fred Bennett. Two teams are moving down the lanes to join the P&G league.

High averages were Nobby Herchenroder, 198, Kyle Marquette, 192, Ed Margueratt, 190, for the men, and Val Noble, 169. Top triples were Jeff Laing, 707, Doug Stickney, 680, and Wendell Harrison, 651, while Michelle Anger’s 566 topped the women. Super singles included Dylan Herchenroder, 277, Ron Elliott, 247, and Fred Bird, 244, with a 227 by Sheila Moser for the women.

The top triples in “B” division were Dwight Young, 593, Doug Griese, 565, and Bill Ryce, 513, with winning singles from John Frewin, 201, Alaine Young, 198, and Teresa Boyd, 186. The toughest award to win is most improved and for the final time the honours went to John Frewin and Carol Ford.

Derek Hannah dealt a pair of big triples in VSL action with 657 (225, 225) and 629 (244) and for the Monday Knight Ladies Lisa Howard celebrated John and Debbie’s 35th wedding anniversary with a 258 single. Brian Ward blasted a 739 (235, 236, 268) and Steve Babic 690 (256).

In Skyway junior play, Mackenzie Leitch, 96 average, rolled her highest-ever triple in a 178 game en route to a 407 finish. Caydence Meler, 54 average, tallied a 203 triple, P.J. Cheyenne-Miller, 135 average, stroked a 186, Shelbie Smith-Rizzi dumped a 283 with a 121 high, and Drake Kotecki, 64 average, scored a 239 triple with an 87 high and the next week top a century with 101.

Ray Sakalas, who has a 298 game from 1999, started with 10 strikes before leaving a six pin for a 289 single and 712 triple in Skyway Jonarc action. Sam Gualtieri hit a 259, John Olejar and Del Belanger scored 256s, Jerry Wicks and Chase Oliver each hit a 255, Brody Ostrosser and Ron Smith posted 253s and Bill Atkinson hit a 280.

John Conti reports these five pin high triples: Jim Davies, 943, Aaron Depoorter, 912, Mitch Davies, 892, Jay Berryman, 877, Steve Marshall, 862, Eric Milne, 854, Eric Ridgeway, 850, Michelle Krick, 848, Dave Birkby, 846, Ron Bleses, 842, Mike Forester, 836, John Conti, 821; and best singles were Dave Birkby, 350, Mike Johns, 347, and, Henry Tratch, 328.

Burlington Bowl super singles included Linda Roberts, 217, Bruce Turnbull, 214, Mary Ann Ellwood, 209, Sophie Turnbull, 197, Larry McSherry, 192 and 192, Richard Welling, 182, and Glynis Crochetiere, plus 45 at 150. Aidan Cumming, 107 average, popped a 345 (124) and Johathan Harper, 84 average, had a 345 with a 124 high.


With the annual general meeting set for Splitsville on May 28 at 7 p.m., here are some of the 1975 board of directors: Howard Ricker, George Smith, Gabe Bihary, Fred Byers, Bob Hutchings, John Ragsdale, Dorothy Green, Betty Webb, Gladys Bridger, Vera Wigmore, Thelma Ricker, Joyce Rowett, Jean Fairclough, Norm Robinson, Andy Toth, Eileen Zielonka, Lorraine Mellor, Don Wilson, John McConnell, Lou Nagy, Harold Schatz, and Mike Sydor.