Skyway leagues declare champions

skywaylanesThree Skyway Lanes leagues have declared their champions. The top team in City Tenpin, which will hit 110 years of operation next season, were Ian Colby, Roy Ward, Matt Glidden, and Bill Lishinski. Tying for second were the Lacroix boys, Brent, Tim, Mike, and Matt along with the quartet of Mike Ricker, John Cooper, Chris Hicks, and Steve Cowie. Mick Anderer was a triple winner with his 210 average, 746 triple, and 300 game. Seconds went to Rick Bukowski, 207 average and 743 triple, and Lishinski, 289 single.

With 280 singles were Bukowski, Cooper, and Mark Andrews. Most improved was Bukowski who went from 191 to 207. The best in “B” division were Bill Ralston, 687 triple, and Peter Cross, 265 single.

After nine and four averages of 200 or better in the last two seasons, only Anderer, Bukowski, and Lishinski surpassed 200. Rolling over 700 four times was Bukowski while Anderer and Andrews did it three times. Along with the 300, Anderer also collected a 298 single. Of the 28 men in the league last season, only 11 posted improvement in averages according to secretary Cowie.

In Jonarc action at Skyway, the Revolutions Pro Shop was on a roll, capturing both the second half and overall titles with Amanda Lupton, Willy Russell, and Lionel and Matt Lewis. In final week play, a trio of almost 1,000s by Steve Smith, 997 (277, 276), Jason Stevens, 993 (278, 265), and Willy Russell, 991 (258, 256, 253). Smith just missed an 800 triple with a 794.

Also lighting up the lanes were Conrad Merkir, 966 (275), Doug Schatz, 965 (279), Shawn Anderson, 958 (266), and Marc Worotny, 950 (267, 257). Amanda Lupton was plus 105 for a Century award with a 278 game which was matched by Deric Curley and Al Oliver, who dealt a 268. Along with the 991 set, Russell spared the always difficult 7-10 split. Thanks to Aaron Bouchard for the final results.

A three-game sweep on the last night of the season gave the Steel City Slickers – Don Fraser and Barb and Roger Roy – the Veterans Service League title by two points over Granny and The Kids – Frances Earl, Dan Lieberman, and Travis Fraser – and M&M&A Smartie with the three Margueratts – Jim, Edward and Denise, who is the Smartie on the team.

After a last week 657 triple, Derek Hannah captured high average at 190 with Ed Margueratt next at 189. A 691 triple and 268 by Ed Margueratt were followed by Derek Hannah’s 657 triple and Chuck Ellis and his 265 single. Top ladies were Denise Margueratt, 135 average and 186 single, while Barb Roy tossed a 502 triple.

Maureen Cooper scored a 133 average and 184 single while Denise Margueratt’s 477 triple was second high. Most improved went to Hannah, who went from 178 to 190, and Joan Tidey, improving from 119 to 130. The prestigious John Rees Memorial plaque went to Frances Earl. The high single on the last week of the season was a 211 by Jim Margueratt, who is also league secretary. A special guest at the banquet was VSL president Jim Pretula.

End of season Skyway juniors honours went to P.J. Cheyne-Miller, 531 (197), Brooke Nelson, 403 (143), Andrew Rees, 366 (140), Ashley Nelson, 341 (125), and Drake Kotecki was plus 67 at 264 and Caydence Meier was plus 36 at 195.


Gone and forgotten by many are these bowling lanes from 60 years ago. Pla-Mor, Queenston Bowl, Strand, Tivoli, Winter Gardens, Y.M.C.A., Bar-Don, Beach Road, Brant, Central, Connaught, Crown, Eastdale, Grand, Kenilworth, New Pier Bowl, Ottawa and Olympia.

At Pla-Mor, Joe Baird came within 44 pins of the world’s five pin high triple of 1,128 with games of 1,084 (420, 363, 301). In practice games, he threw 397 and 339.

Besides writing the daily Spectator bowling column, Dick Brett was also a fine five pinner as evident by him and Winnie Dunfee winning the Winston Hall mixed doubles title.

Ernie Martin, who rolled a 450 game in 1946 at Pla-Mor, finally received a gold ring from the Canadian Bowling Association in 1953. That’s right, seven years later.

John Nedal rolled a practice game on the Mountain Lanes and scored a perfect 450.