Hamilton prepares for invasion from Flint

CanusaGamesA convoy of buses will roll into Hamilton on Friday morning (Aug. 9) and the 56th Annual CANUSA Games will get under way shortly after.

The buses will arrive from Flint, Michigan, Hamilton’s yearly opposition in the friendly games between the two cities. The venue for the Games alternates each year between the two centres.

The buses carrying the Flint contingent are scheduled to arrive at Bernie Arbour Stadium at approximately 11 a.m., with opening ceremonies set for noon.

A parade of athletes and the torch lighting ceremony will signal the start of the competitions throughout Hamilton with more than 1,200 athletes competing.

Flint won last year’s rivalry, its 26th championship, by a 12-2 margin. Hamilton has won the Games 25 times and four years ended in ties. This year’s Games will feature 19 events, including the mayors’ competition.

All results will be posted on the CANUSA website www.canusagames.com.

The CANUSA headquarters for the weekend will be located at the residences at Mohawk College at 245 Fennell Avenue West. CANUSA executives can be reached at the headquarters 24 hours a day at (905) 385-3200 x 4011.