Athletes take home individual CANUSA awards

canusa_flagWith all of the dust settled after a weekend of friendly competition between Hamilton and Flint, Michigan, preparations have already begun for next year’s CANUSA Games.

The 57th annual athletic adventure between the city cities – North America’s largest and longest running international Games, will take place in Flint during the second weekend in August 2014. The Games alternate between venues. Each city has won 26 Games with four years ending in ties.

Individual overall sports results from this past weekend’s Games were:

Hamilton won baseball, 5-3 in games, darts 52-44 in points, flag football by default, golf 39-6, gymnastics 296.9-274.95 in points, hockey 3-1 in games, skeet 981-944 in hits, soccer 13-7 in games, and swimming 676-471 in points.

Flint took basketball 15-3 in games, 10-pin bowling 153-48 in points, softball 4-2 in games, tennis 3-0 in games, track and field 605.5-563.5 in points, and girls volleyball 2-2. Ties are awarded to the visiting team.

Individual honours included the new Jim (JB) Bracy Memorial Award going to Flint’s Louis Williams in boys 10 and Under basketball; the Bernie Arbour Memorial Award going to Hamilton’s Joel Szota in boys 18 and Under baseball; the Clarence Wilson Memorial trophy going to Hamilton’s Tyra Dorey-Williams and Tashae Williams in girls 15-16 basketball; the Paul Rogers Memorial Award going to Hamilton’s Liam Jauhal in 11 and Under golf; the Bill Sturrup Memorial Award going to Hamilton’s Alex Finsterwauld in boys and girls total gross in golf; the Jimmy Thompson Memorial Award going to Hamilton’s Sarah Hodge in girls 13-14 swimming; the Harold Webster Memorial Award going to Hamilton’s Chloe Hewitt in Girls 13-14 track and field; and the Maguire/Colley Memorial Award going to Hamilton’s Zach Gates and Chris Brown in 15-18 darts.