Undefeated Hurricanes, Fratmen meet this weekend

hurricanes_logoThis past weekend, in a game that the Ontario Football Conference had previously designated as their official Game of the Week, the Hamilton Hurricanes defeated the visiting Burlington Braves by a convincing score of 48-12.

With a combined total of 438 offensive yards, the Hurricanes demonstrated the true meaning of teamwork in defeating the Braves with a well-balanced attack that resulted in yet another dominating win, bringing the Hurricanes season record to an unbeaten 3-0. The Braves dropped to 1-2

Despite 14 penalties, which resulted in the loss of 155 yards, the Hurricanes managed to keep their composure when it mattered the most. On the ground, running backs Triston Williams had 12 carries for 93 yards, and Jake Reddick had 11 carries for 64 yards and one touchdown. Quarterback Alex Hill also rushed for 31 yards off of three carries.

Quarterback Kyle Sewell went 11 for 19 and 187 total yards with three touchdowns – one to wide receiver Matt Coates, who caught four passes for 53 yards, one to Andrin Massotti, who caught eight passes for 143 yards, and one to Cory Raposo, who caught three passes for 38 yards. The final two remaining touchdowns were scored by running back Jake Testani off of a special teams fumble recovery, and by linebacker Farouk Musa, who rumbled in a fumble recovery from the defensive side of the ball.

Defensive backs Jacob Barry led the entire defense with four tackles, and Tyler Swick led his team with 12 points, which consisted of three tackles and three knocked-down passes.

On punt returns, Triston Williams had one big play of 40 yards, and on kick-off return, wide receiver Trey Gervais had two carries for a total of 40 yards. Punter/kicker Bobby Frame also had a spectacular day as he grossed 301 yards off of seven punts (longest was 50), 327 yards off of five kicks (longest was 70), and he went 6-for-6 on extra point conversions.

Burlington’s stats included 185 yards of total offense, as running back Alex McFarlane had 10 carries for 54 yards, wide receiver Jesse Benson had three catches for 36 yards, and QB Mickey Trumper went 12 for 26 and 138 yards with no touchdowns.

The only touchdown went to defensive back Steve Connery who scored off of a fumble recovery. Kicker Kosta Krajisink went 2-for-2 on field goals and his longest was 33 yards. On defense, back Tyler Garland led his team with 16 points, which included five tackles, one knocked down pass, and one interception.

Next week, the Hurricanes visit the only other undefeated team in the OFC – the Windsor AKO Fratmen at Windsor Stadium, and the Burlington Braves will host the Ottawa Sooners at Nelson Stadium in Burlington. All action begins at 7 p.m. sharp on Saturday (Sept. 7).