Slow start to perfection on the 10-pin alleys

bowling_alleyFor the first time in several years, no perfect games were made in Hamilton in September, but there were three close calls.

At Skyway Lanes Ed Maurer tripped a 289 and Matt Lewis started with nine strikes before a big split left him at 261. Unconfirmed at the moment is a 295 at Star Lanes.

Back at Skyway other super singles in Jonarc action are Deric Curley, 280, 240; Aaron Bouchard, 267, 263; Steve Smith, 263, 247; Scott Grunau, 257, 235; Lionel Lewis, 256, 224; Dave Custeau, 255; Jack Luke, 247; Art Oliver, 246; Doug Schatz, 234, 231; Marc Worothy, 229; Jim Sherwood, 235; John Olejar, 234; Chase Oliver, 229; Matt Glidden, 227 and 222; Conrad Merkir, 226; and Del Belanger, 221.

High triples are Smith, 741, and Matt Lewis, 738. Early season high averages are Custeau, 240, Ray Beitz, 239, and Deric Curley, 234.

In the Sunday night 3 – B league, Ben Altura smashed a 279 single for a 725 triple and Chris Marquette used a 265 to total 711 while Andrew Ferguson dealt a 263. For the Skyway juniors, Cody Hazel, 116 average, stroked a 204 single. Special Olympia play saw Gary Simpson hit 170, Josh Thompson, 166, and Mike Pielorz, Gregory Goodfellow and Sharon Eden, all with 146s.

Other Skyway action saw Vicky Creechan score a 546 (211), Stephanie Dew, 533 (204), Brent Andrecyk spared the 6-7-10 split and, after a 552 triple in junior league play, Carter Bailey smashed a 230 in practice with a tenth frame open.

Highlights in the first three weeks of V.S.L. action included Mike Ellis, 638 (224, 222); Ed Margueratt, 617 (247); Jim Margueratt started off the first game of the season with five strikes for a 202 and spared the 3-6-7-10 split . This veteran league still needs two bowlers for Mondays at 6:30 p.m.

The first association tournament is the Alibi No-Tap on Oct. 20 at Bowlerama Stoney Creek.

Two big split conversions were Sylvester Sauve’s 4-7-10 and Joan Tidey’s 6-7-10. Late last season Lisa Howard smoked a 268 single and this season Aleta Manning dealt a 220 for the M.K. L.

After 110 years and counting, the City Tenpin League is still going strong as evident by these triples: Mick Anderer, 680, 672, 661; Bill Lishinski, 657; John Cooper, 640; Steve Cowie, 637; and top singles by Anderer, 279, 257, Tim Gamble, 279, Mark Andrews, 261, Jerry Cote, 224. Anderer’s 223 is high average followed by Roy Ward, 204, and Lishinski, 202.

Cleaning up in the Proctor & Gamble league were Anderer, 641 (with a big 2790, 628 (234) and 637 (237, 211); Brent Andrecyk, 604 (232); John Burke, 621 (225, 224); Mike Vanoldenbarnevald, a 204 game and two transfers from “down the lanes”; Jeff Laing, 621 (224, 206); and Val Noble, 536 (189).


Last season, Hamilton’s eight bowling houses recorded 11 perfect games and one 800 triple. Toronto, with 17 centres recorded 74 perfect games, including five each by two bowlers, and 23 triples of 800 or better. Niagara, with four bowling centres, had eight perfect games and four triples of 800 or better.

Top singles one year ago were Travis Cauley, 300, Lishinski, 289, Laing, 286, and Rick Bukowski, 280.

When the first automatic pinsetters were unveiled in Buffalo in 1946, they were almost eight feet tall and weighted over 4,000 pounds. Within four years, they were reduced to five feet high and weighed half that amount.