Merkir, Oliver hit perfection minutes apart

800px-BowlingballAfter no perfect games in September, it didn’t take long for the first two of the season in October.

At 11:56 on a Sunday morning at Skyway Lanes, Conrad Merkir made the trip from Brantford worthwhile as he notched his sixth career perfect game. Two minutes later at 11:58, Art Oliver Jr., enhanced his standing as No. 1 with 300s as he collected his 16th perfect game.

Merkir dealt games of 202, 255, 300, and 204 for 961 while Oliver tossed games of 211, 269, 300, and 228 for 996. Not only were the 300s two minutes apart, they were only four lanes apart and they were opposing each other in “brackets.” Second to Oliver’s 16 perfectos is Aaron Bouchard’s 12.

There have now been five games of 295 in the district as Jeff Easton joined the exclusive club at Star Lanes. After 11 strikes a light hit produced little action and the five pins remaining standing put Easton into the 295 club with Bill Lohnes, Don Deveau, Scott Grunau and Dave Custeau. Trivia point is Jeff left the 3,5,6,9,10 pins standing..

Regarding perfect games, Pro Bowler Mika Koiuniemi has a record that will be hard to beat as he has a perfect games in a record 21 different countries.

On the same four lanes as Merkir and Oliver, came super singles from Lionel Lewis Jr., 264 and 249; Deric Curley, 247; Matt Lewis 254 and 240; and Reg Howe, 242 and 236. Also in this popular league were these fine efforts: Travis Cauley, 279, Ray Beitz, 278, Steve Smith, 276, Custeau, 266, Aaron Bouchrad, 259, Ray Sakalas, 247, Jason Stevens, 246, Terry Mees, 242, Roy Ward and Lee Oliver, 236s, Crystal Maurer, 235, Ryan Dickenson and Sam Gualtieri, 234, and David Adams, 232.

Also at Skyway, Vicky Creechan smoked a 546 (211), Stepanie Dew, 533 (204), Mike Ellis, 232, Barb Roy, 206, and split conversions were Joan Tidey’s 6-7-10 and Sylvester Salve’s 4-7-9.

June Najbor is back with a Sunday Junior bowlers report as P.J. Cheyenne-Miller collected a 562 (152,180, 232), Carter Bailey, 552 (200, 69, 83) and Austin Gottlieb, 524 (137,171, 216). A few days before the pair of 300s at Skyway, former Association secretary Steve Cowie started with 10 strikes before a solid nine pin left him at 289 for a 683 triple. His previous high game was a 279.

Seventy pins over average in one game. That’s what Roy accomplished in Skyway V.S.L. action with a stunning 206 single while Mike Ellis dealt a 212. From the ever popular P&G bunch of Wednesday keglers, were John Burke’s 634 (223,208,203), Mick Anderer’s 624 (237), Mark Winger’s 575 (202), Fred Bird’s 531 with a pair of 181s, Bill Ryce’s plus 77 at 482, Merk Sokolow’s plus 86 at 443, and a pair of new bowlers Carrie Steeves’ 561 (203) and Sarah Craine, 412 with a 154 high. With 10 marks in 10 frames for a clean game at 202 was Wayne Dion.

Wednesday night at Sherwood Lanes features hot five-pin bowling as evident by Dave Birkby’s 383 single and Ray Schroeder’s 351 single. Top triples are Jim Davies’ 880, Dave Birkby’s 854, 846 and 840, Jay Berryman’s 853, Dave Pendlebury’s 843 and Ron Hunt’s 839.


Sixty-three times bowlers have started with 11 strikes but scored 297 or less. There have been 33 games of 297, 23 games of 296, two games of 290 and five games of 295. Hamilton bowlers have started with 11 strikes 621 times and missed scoring the perfect 300 game 311 times (scoring 299 or less). In other words, after 11 strikes in a row Hamilton bowlers reach perfection exactly half the time. Think of that the next time you are on 11 strikes in a row. You have a 50 – 50 chance of perfection. Art Oliver Jr.’s “perfection rate” is 65%.