Art Oliver Jr. has 800 triples to spare

Art Oliver Jr.

Art Oliver Jr.

Art Oliver Jr., three weeks after firing his 16th perfect game, rolled his eighth career 800 triple.

Ten strikes in game one produced a 258 game. A first frame spare in game two was followed by 10 strikes for a 289. Trying for perfect game number 17, Oliver started with 10 strikes in game three before a seven stopped him for another 289 game and an 836 triple which is tied for sixth highest in our history. He started game four with his only open of the day, then finished with five strikes for a 1,074 set, only 16 pins under the Hamilton association’s all-time high of 1,090, the oldest record in its history books.

In the four games, Oliver threw a staggering 39 strikes and six nine counts in 47 attempts.

Conrad Merkir, two weeks after he fired his sixth perfect game, started with 11 strikes before leaving the “Big Four” split for a 296 game. Merkir started with a 221, then an 11-strike performance for a 279, followed by a 234 and the final 296 for a 1,030 set. Before the dreaded split on his last ball, he threw 16 strikes in a row. Overall Merkir threw 38 strikes. Also with a 279 was Lionel Lewis Jr., who bagged a 977 (216, 279, 256, 226).

Wanda Ward is back with results from Sunday at Skyway as Brian Ward was the best of the Wards with a super 707 (226, 227, 254) surpassing Mark’s 635 (235) and Paul’s 220. Tracey Rooke used 224 and 216 games to post a 621 and Lisa Kulchyk saw a 235 boost her over 600 by six pins. Fine singles included Steve Babic, 244, John Burke, 241, Ed Podmokly, 215, Cathi Lacey, 212, Lynn Ertl, 211, Brenda Copeland, 191, and Gayle Robertson was 82 pins over her first game with a 207 and tacked on 183 and 150 for a strong 540. One week after his 215, Podmokly beat it with a 244 for a 615 triple.

Shirley “Scoop” Morris put it all together in her second game for a plus-70 score of 203 in P & G action where Wayne “B.N.” Dion dealt a 202 clean game and Merk Sokolow tripped his first ever 200 – a 203. Ed Margueratt used a 662 triple and Mike Ellis a 257 single one week and a 247 single the next to tie for high average in the V.S.L. at Skyway at 195 each. Three big split conversions were Derek Hannah with the 4-10 and 6-7-10 and Joan Tidey with a 3-9-10.

The City Tenpin League is the second oldest sanctioned league in North America and holding the early season high average is Mick Anderer at 219 with Matt Glidden next at 205. Anderer’s 763 is high triple with a 277 by Tim Gamble high single. Glidden has an even 700 triple and good singles are John Cooper, 275, and Anderer, 265. In “B” division play, A.J. McCully has a 186 average, 647 triple and 224 single.

Burlington Bowl action saw Brian Roulston smash a 258 game for a 636 triple but was surpassed by Shawn Ferguson’s 705 (245, 192, 268). Henry Hulleman’s 580 was helped by a big 240 game while Leo Puzinas used a 224 to total 546. An even 200 game boosted Debbie Fawcett to a 486, James Morin had a pair of fine triples – 585 and 574 – with a 227 single, Sylvia Beneteau scored a 236, Fred Renaud had a 233 for a 602, Carol Shrubsall rolled 211 and 204 for a 584, Ken Clewer posted a 217 and 204 for a 558, Sarah Fretz was plus-70 for a 209 single, and Paul Bernaski picked up several awards for his 622 (224, 210). Ron Verlean improved each game with 214, 224 and 254 for a 692.

For the Burlington Bowl juniors, Jonathan Posavad, 179 average, had a pair of excellent weeks with 688 (192, 251, 245) and 631 (265). Ashley Morrison was plus-71 with a 203, Dylan Stewart was plus-64 at 201, Aaron Cockburn had a plus-56 at 202 and Meghan Harper was 50 over with a 208 for an even 500.

More details next time but at Skyway Lanes a Canadian Hall of Fame bowler who once had his picture taken with Fidel Castro, has come within 20 pins of two of Hamilton long-time records, including the previously mentioned 1,090. Also a 290 at Burlington Bowl.


Sixteen years ago:

– High singles in November were Mark Winger, 299, Ed Zabel and Jason Detelder, 290s, Dave Clark Jr., 288, Brad Russell, 279, Rick Bukowski and Kevin Picott, 267s, Ryan Morgan, 266, Minnie LeBlanc, 248, Jim Margueratt, 233, Dolly Contardi, 228, Lorraine Pinder, 218, and at Hamilton Mountain Bowl, Andrew Burgess, plus-106 at 278.

– Bill Rowe Jr., was featured in a “Skills Set“ story in the Spectator.

– Bessie Cohon, at age 100, was still rolling five-pins at Sherwood Lanes.