Vachon twists Canada to a silver medal at world trampoline championships

GYMCANrgbSOFIA, Bulgaria — Canadian competitors soared to two more medals on Saturday at the world trampoline and tumbling championships, winning silver in both the men’s and women’s double mini team finals.

In men’s double mini, veteran Denis Vachon of Burlington, Ont., executed one of the most difficult moves among the 15 competitors from five nations – a double front layout with one and a half twists combined with a double back layout with three twists on the dismount – to clinch second place for the Canadian team.

Other members of the Canadian team were Dennis Oppenlander of Regina and Keegan Soehn of Red Deer, Alta. The U.S. took first place with a score of 110.200 points followed by the Canadians with 107.800 points and Russia with 106.500 points.

“The run felt smooth, the take-off felt smooth, and I just held on and went for that stick on the landing,” said Vachon.

Unlike individual trampoline where competitors perform flips and other tricks while bouncing up and down for their entire routine, the double-mini event combines sprinting down a runaway and bouncing twice on a much smaller double trampoline before landing on a mat.

“It was great to go out and nail my pass, one that I’ve been planning for the last six to eight months and walk out of here with another medal,” said Vachon.

In women’s double mini trampoline, the Canadian threesome of Corissa Boychuk of Airdrie, Alta., Lexi Giesbrecht of Calgary and Tamara O’Brien of Vancouver all came through in the clutch to finish second with a score of 102.200 points.

The United States won gold with 104.400 points and Russia took the bronze with a score of 101.600.