833 triple has a nice Tone to it

skywaylanesAl Tone, a member of the Hamilton and Canadian tenpin bowling halls of fame, has rolled his second Hamilton 800 triple at Skyway Lanes with games of 278, 279 and 276 to produce a tremendous 833 trifecta.

Except for a lone seven count to finish game three, every shot produced a strike or a nine count. Tone started his third game with eight strikes.

His other local 800 was an 807. He has six perfect games and a pair of local high averages awards. He was only the second man to roll a 300 at Bowlerama Stoney Creek and had the first ever 700 – a 728 at Grimsby Pro Bowl. Tone’s 833 is the second this season after Art Oliver’s 836.

Tone and Bill Rowe Jr. are on the ballot for the Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame.

Tone was Canadian Tenpin Federation Bowler of the Year in 1990 and has travelled extensively in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia winning many titles. A few highlights are representing Canada in 1977 in Panama, 1989 in Wichita, Kansas, 1991 in Singapore, Pan Am Games in Winnipeg in 1999, Cairo, Egypt in 1997 (where he bowled on outdoor lanes in front of the pyramids and was voted the Sportsman award by his fellow bowlers) and in Cuba where he had his picture taken with Fidel Castro.

There is tremendous pressure when you start with 11 strikes as evident by the 50% rate in achieving the perfect game, compared to the stress of finishing with 11 strikes. Last week Travis Cauley and Shawn Ferguson both pitched the last 11 frames for 290 games. At Skyway, Cauley started with the 290, then served games of 233, 192 and 278 for a 993 four-game set in Jonarc play. The same day Art Oliver Jr. finished with a 279 for a 960 set which was matched by Ryan Dickenson with a 280 third game.

Shawn Ferguson at Burlington Bowl also started with a 290, slipped to a 147 then rebounded strong at 247 for a 684 triple. Almost, but one pin short for a Century award was Ashley Morrison. With a 134 average she smashed a 233 en route to a 539 triple. James Morin finished with 202 for a 585 and Paul Bernaski used a 232 for a 536 triple. Sixty-four pins over was Dean Lashley for a 222; a plus-70 gave Teresa Porter a 211; Pamela Parent improved on her 112 average with a 412 (169); Allan Spisak was 82 over at 469; and Kristina Ferguson was plus 101 at 434 (158,151).

Wanda Ward is back with news that Ed Faulkner collected a 619 (203, 205, 211), Jody Horrelt had a 607 (216, 214), Ron Elliott was good for 253, Bruce Todd hit 214, and Jim Hollands made the list with a fantastic 239. For the VSL Monday nighters, Ed Margueratt finished with 227 and 220 for a 625 one week after posting a 662 (227, 224, 211). Mike Ellis pitched his second 257 of the season, Derek Hannah had a 203 and Sylvester Salve spared the 6-7-10. Barb Hollands is also in the news by sparing the 6-7 split. Well done Jim and Barb.

One month after son Hunter McCue made Phil McCue a father, proud daddy celebrated with his first ever 700. After giving no indication of this with a 189 first game, Phil then found the elusive line with 268 and 248 for a history making 705. Moving down the lanes to P & G play from last season is OK by Val Noble with a 560 triple and a 201 single. Meanwhile, Sheila Moser had a 539 with a 207 high while good singles included Alaine Young, 195, Bill Ryce, 180, John Frewin, plus-50 at 191, Lynda Hirschman, 207, Harry Hikada, 199 and 190, and Kate Hysert, who followed a 214 with a pair of 145s to slip over 500 by four pins.


Last season’s high averages in the U.S. were 254 for the men and 240 for the women. On the more demanding “sport” conditions, the best were 228 for the men and 203 for the women.

Over the years bowling has been featured in at least 48 television programs including the popular show N.C.I.S. were Abby Sciuto (portrayed by actress Pauley Perrette) bowls with nuns. Bowling has also been featured in at least 36 movies.

The current issue of the world’s most popular bowling magazine, Bowlers Journal International, features a story on page 30 of its 100th anniversary issue about the world’s first ever 300 in Hamilton in 1881.