Kurvits makes badminton history for Redeemer

First-year Royals’ Owen Kurvits has become the first Redeemer player to win a top-flight title in badminton play at an invitational, regional tournament, or a championship meet at college/university level.

Owen Kurvits (Photo: Redeemer Athletics)

Owen Kurvits (Photo: Redeemer Athletics)

Kurvits ended the Redeemer College University drought when he won the competitive men’s singles event at the Fanshawe Invitational on Saturday (Nov. 16) defeating the top two men’s singles players in the province.

Kurvits went 6-0 on his way to claiming the division at Fanshawe College in London. Competition began on Friday.

After cruising through the round robin, Kurvits defeated Adam D’Agostino of Mohawk in the round of 16, 2-0, before advancing to the semi-finals with a 2-0 win over Jimin Jung of Seneca in the quarters.

In the semi-final, Kurvits faced off against Ryan Chow of Humber, the winner of the Humber cup earlier this year. Kurvits held off Chow, defeating him 2-1 with scores of 19-21, 21-17, 23-21.

In the final, Kurvits pulled out the first game 21-19 in a see-saw battle against Andrew Lau of Humber. Lau responded in the second game with a 21-17 win. Down 17-11, Kurvits dug deep and showed his skill and determination finishing the match on an impressive 10-1 run to claim his first championship as a Royal.

Said head coach (and Owen’s father) Benno Kurvits: “Owen did not give up. His level of fight was something to behold. It’s matches like this (the final) that make badminton a very exciting sport to watch.”.

Overall, the Redeemer Royals badminton team had an impressive weekend going 33-21 in tournament play.

“I think the solid play of the stronger members of our team bolstered the entire team’s confidence”, said coach Kurvits. “Everyone seemed to play with a reasonable level of confidence. Always lots to work on though. A solid tournament like this weekend should spur us on in our training, knowing we are becoming more competitive as a team”.

Other results for the Redeemer Royals included:

Women’s Singles
Robyn Bennett, 3-1
Julie Koopmans, 2-1
Tanya Couperus, 1-1
Carla Hogan, 4-2 (Consolation final runner-up)

Men’s Singles
Owen Kurvits, 6-0 (Singles A champion)
Dan Vanden Boogaard, 2-1
Shawn Brus, 1-1
Nathan Tucker, 1-2
Kaleb Antonides, 1-1
Trevor Deweerd, 1-1

Women’s Doubles
Robyn Bennett/Carla Hogan, 2-1
Julie Koopmans/Rachel Buys, 1-2
Tanya Couperus/Humber Partner, 0-2

Men’s Doubles
Owen Kurvits/Dan Vanden Boogaard, 2-1
Shawn Brus/Trevor Deweerd, 1-2
Nathan Tucker/Kaleb Antonides, 4-1 (Men’s C champions)