Art Oliver Jr.’s 300 total rises to 17

Art Oliver Jr.

Art Oliver Jr.

Art Oliver Jr. has added to his very impressive resume as the top tenpin bowler in Hamilton, and one of Canada’s best, with another perfect 300 game, his second of the season.

After an opening 223, perfect game number 17 was next, followed by 228 and 258 for a 1,009 set. Perfect game number 16 was turned in last October in a 996 set and three weeks later Oliver collected his seventh 800 triple with an 836 which included a pair of 289 games. Two months ago Oliver was part of the Canadian record mixed team score of 3,743 along with Amanda Lupton and Lionel and Matt Lewis.

They beat the previous record by 62 pins. Along with the 17 perfect games and seven 800 triples, he has five games of 299 and a pair of 298s for 31 honour scores, 10 more than Lionel Lewis Jr.’s 21. His perfect game total is five ahead of Aaron Bouchard’s 12.

Last season he averaged 222 in Jonarc play at Skyway. Art’s father, Art Oliver Sr., has one perfect game and one 299 game.

bowling_alleyHamilton’s seventh 300 of the season was recorded by David Novak at Star Lanes. He wasted no time as his first game of the night was the 300. Then a 229 effort before a drop off to 157 for a 682 triple. Then back on track for a 232 and 918 series. As a 14-year-old junior in November 2008, Novak scored a 299 at Skyway Lanes.

Happy 90th birthday to Stan “Buddy” Dumala, the co-founder of Skyway Lanes in 1957 along with the two Emils. When it opened, Stan held down a full-time job at Dofasco along with working at Skyway. The annual Cancer Assistance Program Ten-Pin Bowl is held in memory of his late wife, Ann “Sparky” Dumala.

Stan’s grandson, Gary Reid, has three perfect games and a 299 in his resume.

Barbara Hollands usually gives out Canadian Tenpin Federation Century Awards to deserving bowlers for beating their averages by 100 or more pins. She came within 11 pins of giving one to herself as she smashed a 236 single in the Ladies Travel League. Staying on a roll she tripped a 201 later at Skyway. Brian Ward collected a 267 and Margo Anderson, with her 147 average, rolled six strikes in a row for a 216 to power her team to victory.

Carter Bailey performed way over his 169 average for the Skyway juniors. After a 197 start he blasted two 235 games for a 667 triple. P.J. Cheyenne-Miller, 152 average, used 211 and 200 games to post a 552 triple and Austin Gottlieb hit a 201 single. Ashley Nelson was plus-22 with a 140 and Andrew Rees plus-30 at 138.

With averages in the 60s, Preston Macdonald tallied a 265 (109) triple and Joshua Hanes a 237 (87) triple.

Super singles in V.S.L. play included Mike Ellis, 245, 237, 235, Ed Margueratt, 223, 212 along with sparing the six- seven split, Chuck Ellis, 204. Don Fraser, 203, and Jim Margueratt, an even 200.

A former Skyway Lanes ten-pinner, Paul Kurchik, has passed away at age 85. He was a daily regular at Tim Hortons store number one on Ottawa Street and they sent a lovely arrangement of flowers to the visitation. Paul’s widow, Mary Lou, was also a former Skyway bowler and they were both former Hoover employees.

Down the road at Burlington Bowl, James Morin used a big 267 to score a 622 triple, Paul Gibson had a 246 for 613, and Joey Welling was steady with 206, 203, 220 for a 629. Other super singles were Allan Gowling, 212, Robert Ebert, 211, Adam Lilley, 226 and 207, Nancy McGrath and Derek Neumann, 206s, Nancy Drimmie, 203, Ron Rynka and Kevin Reid, 200s and Kelly Boughton was plus-60 at 180.

With a 373 double, Rick Wilkinson pitched a 258 for a 631, Rick Garant, a 254 finish for a 637, Peter Morin just missed 600 as a 232 gave him a 594, and Stacy Hunter started with a 258, slipped to a 137, then rebounded at 228 for a 623.

Jay LeBlanc, 171 average, was plus-75 at 246, Tom Hazi was plus-55 at 180, and Norm Bothen had a 203 single and 517 triple.

The annual adult and junior association tournament will be held at Burlington Bowl next month.


Two very small towns in the United States have bowling lanes: Weed California with a population of 2,967 and Rangley, Maine with only 1,168 people has a ten-lane house.

If you want to bowl on the two ultra-exclusive lanes at AT & T Park in San Francisco, you must be a season ticket holder or have played for the Giants baseball team.

The largest bowling house in Europe, which is located in Germany, has 52 lanes while the largest in Iceland has 22 lanes.

While Skyway Lanes in Hamilton has been in the Nalborczyk family since 1957, Garden Bowl in Detroit has been in the same family since 1913. In 1902 the weight limit for a bowling ball was set at 16 pounds and in 1907 the highest game rolled in the United States was a 296. That’s right, 296, no 300s were rolled.