Steve Smith’s eight-ball counts 800 triple

bowling_alleySteve Smith has rolled his second career 800 triple. He had no margin for error with games of 286, 258 and, with an eight count on his last ball, 256 to produce an even 800. A 248 fourth game lifted him to a 1,048 series.

Smith rolled an 822 (266, 279, 277) in April 2010. With four 800s this season, there are now 82 in the Hamilton area’s record books.

Also with a series well over 1,000 was Del Belanger at Splitsville Centre where he tripped games of 262, 247, 247 and 289 for 1,045. Shawn Anderson holds the local record for perfect games in a season with four set in the 2008-09 season and has six overall. Also at Splitsville, he tried for number seven but left up the two-seven split for his second career 298 game.

More than 40 years ago, John Manel played 38 games as a Hamilton Tiger Cat back-up quarterback. Now he carries a 195 average Skyway Lanes regular and almost earned a Canadian Tenpin Federation Century award as he fired a sparkling 290 game en route to a 910 (290, 183, 234, 203) series.

Don Fraser was a very happy VSL bowler at Skyway after recording his first ever 600 with a 603 (213, 202, 188). The next week he almost did it again with a 232 start for a 583. Chuck Ellis surpassed 600 by 18 pins with a 219 high. Along with a 199, Jim Margueratt spared the very usual 2-4-5-10 split. Joan Tidey was plus 60 at 179.

For the Skyway ladies, Wendy Jeffery dealt a 222 clean game. For the Jonarc group, Ian Colby, 189 average, smashed his highest ever series, a 936 (223, 255, 209, 249). Super singles included Ed Maurer, 289, Dave Custeau, 288, Ryan Dickenson, 280, Chase Oliver, 278, and Crystal Whitfield, 266. High average is a three-way battle at 228 among Art Oliver, Steve Smith and Matt Lewis.

For the Skyway juniors, June Najbor reports Ashley Nelson, 119 average, had a 416 (144, 152, 150), Andrew Rees was plus 81 with a 188 single and Drake Kotecki, 96 average, scored a 378 (132, 118, 128). Cub reporter Barb Hollands says that Greg Langille, 153 average, rolled a 560 with a 230 single, then later with a 167 average, dealt a 602 (224). Andre Conway scored a 209 last game for an even 600. Steve Orme almost earned a Century award as he was plus 92 at 241. Andre Conway was plus 73 with a 235 game. Super singles were Alan Maracle 208, Susan White 204, Marg Ranger 192, Sheryl Langille 189, Kay Kelly 178 & 177 and Chelsey Lanto 169. Consistent was Emile Ranger at 175, 173 and 172.

Susie Hollands says that Lisa Kulchyk finished with 246 and 214 for a 631, Doug Greise used a 234 game for a 525 and Helen Nalborczyk had fine games of 187 and 177. Top singles included Doug Stickney, 200 and 193, Art Oliver Sr., 199, Carrie Steeves and Bill Ryce, 192s, John Christie, 189, Merk Sokolow, 188, Charlie Blair, 180, Pauline Tonaj, 178, and Nancy Evans, 174.

Al Berg reports that Veronica Berg fired singles of 230 and 207 and a 596 triple with her 160 average. Charles Steel almost doubled his 112 average with a 216 for a Century award.

Back at Splitsville, Conrad Merkir missed 1,000 by three pins with 262, 266, 252 and 217. Close behind were Scott Tarbut, 990 (268, 265) and Travis Cauley, 978 (279). For the juniors, Troy Marshall, with a 142 average, blasted a 255. Six-year-old Amelia Delves, 51 average, was flying high with her 288 (109).

With 200 or better at Burlington Bowl were Nick Klowak, 240, Aaron Cockburn, 234, Ron Young, 230, Rick Gurman, 222, Bill Jackson, 213, John Lush, 211, Neil Pichora, 203, Daryl Woodjetts, 202, Doug Duncan and David Perovich, 201, David Roick, 200, and Rhys Westmoreland was under for two games before exploding for a 245. Missing 600 by one pin was Barry Stannix with a 226 finish.


The only high school in the U.S. with bowling lanes is in Milwaukee with four lanes under the school gym. A Veteran’s home in Michigan has two lanes.

Planet Bowl in Etobicoke has been selected as the bowling site for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

After a tornado destroyed an Oklahoma bowling center, on one lane all the pins remained standing.

In 1964 Dick Weber beat Sylvia Wene 146 to 144 at 25,000 feet aboard an American Airlines Astrojet Freighter.