Steve Smith, Bill Hicks find bowling perfection

800px-BowlingballThree weeks after Steve Smith fired his second 800 triple he rolled his fourth perfect game and Bill Hicks notched perfect game number one. Smith, with his impressive 228 average, tallied games of 257, 199, 277 and 300 at Skyway Lanes for a 1,033 series and Hicks tripped games of 235, 197, 199 and 300 for 931 at Splitsville Centre.

Hicks, former Hamilton Men’s Association president, had a 299 at Star Lanes in December 2006 for his only other honour score. In Smith’s 1,033 series, he finished with 22 strikes in a row, missing the local record of 23 straight. Two weeks later Smith also was over 1,000 with a 1,029 (278, 247, 269, 235).

Mark Ward has a pair of 299 games, and now his brother, Brian Ward, also has two 299 games after a near perfect effort at Skyway. Brian served games of 210, 186 and 299 for 695. His previous 299 was in March 2001 and Mark’s 299s were in April 2004 and October 2010. Jeff Easton, who had a 300 at Star Lanes last September, rolled 280 and 290 back-to-back for a 799 triple at Star Lanes. John Burke at Skyway started with a 290, then grooved 182 and 216 for a 688 triple. Ed Margueratt’s record for the oldest local bowler with a 300 was threatened at Star where 79-year-old Mike Merkir started with 11 strikes before a five count gave him a 295 game and 647 triple. The 295 is the second at Star this season after Jeff Easton’s last September.

A pair of big triples in P&G action by Wendell Harrison with 631 (237) and 589 (246). Brent Andrecyk had a couple of interesting outings with 718 (246, 250, 222) and a forget-about-it score. Mark Winger was flying high with a Century award-winning 278 game en route to a 653 triple. Dwight Young finished strong at 213 for a 554 while wife Alaine bagged a 461 (172). First year bowler Dylan Candlish, 93 average, was over average each game at 119, 107 and 118. Charlie Blair, 137 average, scored an even 200 game.

For the Monday Knight Ladies, Aleta Manning smashed a 267 and Tina Babic, 143 average, collected a 221. Top City Tenpin bowler is Mick Anderer at 217 average, 796 triple and 289 single. Also showing well were Pete Haveman, 732, Gord Fickley, 716, and Steve Cowie, 702. In Jonarc play, Travis Cauley, 289, Wayne Clark Jr., 288, Deric Curley, 279, 277, and Ian Colby (191 average), 914 (224, 208, 248, 234) highlighted play.

Topping VSL play were Travis Roy, 224 and 209, Roger Roy, 218, Denise Margueratt, 486 (168, 157, 161), Chuck Ellis, 231 and 224, and in a practice session, Chuck’s five-year-old granddaughter, Emerson, rolled her highest game ever, a 102, with proud dad Mike close by.

Consistent was Austin Gottlieb for the Skyway juniors with a 183 average as he rolled 185, 186 and 188 and then dealt 184, 201 and 216 for a 596. P.J. Cheyenne-Miller moved a 509 (189), Ashley Bodden (120 average), had a 424 (169) and Andrew Rees , 108 average, had a 384 (153). With a 61 average Aleisha Beitz tripped a 110, Preston MacDonald, 71 average, had a 122, Caydence Meier, 63 average, rolled a 104, Austin Dedrick, 72 average, scored 115 and 105, and London Hang, five years old with a 26 average, tallied games of 34 and 53 for an 87 double.

For the Splitsville Centre juniors, Troy Marshall, 15, earned a Century award for his 255 game and Louie Kiss smashed a 247 with a 591 triple. Colin Duncan, 12, was plus 78 with an even 200 single and Kaitlyn Dixon, with her 124 average, was 46 pins over with a super 170 single.

Top Burlington Bowl singles included Allan Toole, 238, Reno Bolduc, 232, Scott Dalley, 231, Cindy Parkin, 229, Bryan Fairbank, 227, Fred Renaud, 224, Snoopy Corbin, 221, Richard Welling, 212, Patrick Dougall and Murray Alexander, 211s, Nancy McGrath, 206, Kathy Kennedy204, Hans Neuman, 203, Robert Ebert and Jim Fenbow, 202, and Steve Brown, Eddie Gravelle and Rob Leathem, 201s. Sam Wedlake finished with 234 and 265 for a 639; Lloyd Griffert, 221 for a 612; Sylvia Beneteau, a 259 for a 597; and Dan Lawruk, a 120 triplicate with his 119 average.

Congratulations to five-pin youth bowlers Ross Varlow of Mountain Lanes and Melanie Moser of Bowlerama Stoney Creek who will represent Southern Ontario at the Four Steps to Stardom National Championships in Winnipeg. At the provincial championships, Varlow averaged 274 for five games and Moser averaged 268 for her five games to advance to the senior singles events in Winnipeg.

This is Melanie’s second year in a row at the nationals. Moser, Shawn Barrow and Hayley Verrall competed in the recent Youth Challenge National Tournament at Sherwood Lanes.

Ernie Roggie, a founding member of the Hamilton District Five-Pin Association, past president of the Master Bowlers of Ontario and Canada and 5 Pin Bowling Hall of Fame member, has passed away at age 84.


Fifteen years ago Ozzie Harris, 75, left a two pin for a 299 game. Paul Gibson fired a 300, Bob Hopton a 298, Shirley Tiffany, 298, Gary Osborne, 279, Ron Colling, 278 and in five-pin news, Matt Drugan rolled games of 433, 418 and 410. Eddie Buckingham, who had memories of bowling as far back as 1910, passed away at 98. One month later, Carl Balon, founder of Queenston Bowl and childhood friend of the late Pope John Paul the second in Poland, passed away at age 81. Two years before he became Pope, he visited Balon at his Winona home.

One day after Wayne Gretzky retired, he went bowling with his New York Rangers teammates.