Canuck bobsledders with Grimsby’s Ransky grab silver medal

Grimsby’s Mike Ransky and teammates Serge Despres, Adam Wood, and Scott Thompson flashed to a silver medal Sunday at a Europa Cup Bobsleigh race in Germany.

The Canadian four-man bobsleigh lost the lost medal by 0.01 seconds to the German team. Pilot Despres’ crew was clocked in 1:39.99 minutes.

The Netherlands 1 sled won the bronze.

Canada’s Lyndon Rush, Rob Gray, Jeff Burgess and Justin Kripps had the third fastest push starts in both heats and finished eighth (1:40.48 minutes). The Canada 3 sled with driver Trevor Irwin and crewmen Kelly Wells, Justin Wilkinson and Alex Torbert had the second fastest start times in both heats and finished ninth (1:40.55 minutes).

The Canadian teams head to the Olympic track in Turin to compete next week.