How to Submit a Story

Yes, please send us your Golden Horseshoe sport press releases: tryouts, game results, athlete and team profiles or upcoming events.

Email us providing details about your amateur athlete or team – first and last name of players, final score, the significance of the event (tournament, championship), brief details on your team/league, a photo or team logo, etc.

Our e-mail address is

All content (text and photos) for HamiltonScores comes from the contributions of coaches, managers, athletic directors, students, volunteers, and athlete parents. We do not lift stories from other media organizations in the city. If you don’t see something here, it’s because we didn’t receive any details. (And if we seem bias toward a specific organization or athletic group, it’s because they regularly send us details.)

Submissions are often edited before posted, keeping in mind that the original authors are not professional journalists. Unless you request otherwise, we will always credit you as the source.

We review, edit and post any submission to the site quickly once we’ve received them; day or night and during the weekend. We’ll contact you if we have questions or need more detail. You won’t be notified when it’s been posted unless you specifically ask; we usually tweet about it.

And if you find a story that is inaccurate or that has been reproduced without permission, please contact us. We’ll let you know where it came from and work with you to fix the inaccuracy, include your credit and/or remove it immediately.

Photos and Videos

Digital photos or videos (including links to YouTube or other online services) are very welcome, even if they’re for a story that’s already been posted. You must own the copyright (i.e. you took the picture) or have permission to use any photos or video submitted. Please include a brief description of any photos and let us know who to credit.

If you find a picture we’ve used without permission, please contact us. We’ll let you know where it came from and work with you to include your credit and/or remove it immediately.


If you are attaching documents or photos by email, please note the total attachment size should be less than 15MB. (Our email provider will reject anything larger, and you will receive it back telling you our mailbox is full.)

Our preference is for a photo with a minimum size of 600px wide and 400px high.

If you have photos on a Facebook page or other web site we can use, just send us the link.

League Tryouts and Advertisements

We often receive and post information about league tryouts in the community. If you submit a tryout schedule, please make it clear which league or local non-profit sports organization you are representing. We generally discard any submissions that resemble a for-profit advertisement.

If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact us for our media package.

General Inquiries

To submit your story,

For general inquires, contact:

Sean Healy
Phone: (905) 963-8888 x250

While we can do our best to answer your inquiry about current events, please note that Hamilton Scores is not associated with the City of Hamilton, Metroland Media, The Hamilton Spectator, CBC Hamilton, TSN 1150, Hamilton Today or any other local media, sports team or organization.

We do this because we’re proud of Hamilton and its diverse amateur athletes; this is our contribution back to our community!