Travis Cauley off to hot start

800px-BowlingballTravis Cauley has come out of the starting gate with a perfect 300 game along with near perfect 299 and 297 games.

In the second week of the new season, a four pin remained standing after 11 strikes for a 299 game en route to a 988 (205, 299, 245, 239) series. Two weeks later, after a 212 start, nothing remained upright after 11 strikes for his 15th perfect 10 pin game. A 187 third game was followed by Cauley attempting to do something that has only been done once locally – two perfect games in the same four game series. On Dec. 20, 2009, Doug Schatz fired 238, 300, 248 and another 300 for a 1,086 series.

But for Cauley, after a string of 11 strikes in game four, it was not to be. Three pins refused to fall for a 297 total and 996 series. In other Jonarc action at Skyway Lanes, Aaron Bouchard finished strong with 259 and 278 for a 985 series. After 16 games, Cauley is averaging 240.

The first 300 game of the season was recorded by Mike Scargall in the Sunday Nite League at Skyway when he rolled 165, 182 and the ace for a 647 triple. It was incorrectly reported as Mike Seargall. In other play in this popular league, Tim Robertson blasted a 725 (246, 256, 223), and with fine games were Terry Burgiss, 217, Tyler Sherwood and Ron Elliott, 214s, Susan Scargall 206 and 197, Wanda Bailey, 196, and Barb Hollands slipped over 500 by four pins with a 194, 181 finish. Bill Lucas tallied a 232 and Shawna Prieur also tripped a 232 but added a 212 for a 619 triple. With 200 even were Bruce Nichols and Mike Scott

A trio of 200 games in VSL action came from Ed Margueratt and Mike Ellis, who each dealt 214s while Derek Hannah scored a 206. The next week Jim Margueratt finally scored over 200 with a 205 while brother Edward slipped in with his first 600 of the season, a 610 (210) and Derek Hannah blasted a 624 with a 244 finish.

A couple of 278 games in the Skyway P&G league as Mick Anderer ended with his 278 for a 756 and Bruce Todd started with his Century award winning 278 for a 664. A 267 second game enabled Wendell Harrison to slip over 700 by 11 pins. After two games, Val Noble had a 329 double before exploding for a 248 and a 577 triple. John Frewin had the magic touch as he was plus 144 with a 603 (215, 204). Gord Evans rolled a plus 55 third game of 197 for a 512 and Phil Morris dealt a 203. Mike Vanoldenbarneve was plus 80 with an excellent 235 game. Thanks Barb.

For the City Tenpin boys celebrating their 112th season, top triples are Mark Ward, 746, Pete Haveman, 711, Ian Colby, 705 (265), Brandon Crabb, 683 (265) and 665 (278), Anderer, 679 (269), Roy Ward, 679 (269), and Roy Ward, 662 (257). High averages after six weeks are Haveman, 212, and Anderer and Colby at 209.

A four pack of 700s at Bowlerama Stoney Creek as Ron Colling used an 11 in a row 290 game for 725 and Gord Howarth hit 707 (277), Stephen Born 700 (240), Anthony DiBattista 723 (252), Kris Berry picked a 679 (254), Enzo Iacozza 678 (276), Ho Chan 675 (268), and Val Ciach-Link a fine 269.


Many years ago local alleys were known to change their names. For example Tivoli was Coopers, Grand was Sabby’s, Kenilworth was both Handley and Cinderella, and Midtown was Connaught.

Phil Morris is in his 60th consecutive season in the City Tenpin at Skyway which is in its 112th season. The local record is held by the late Bill Bailey with 72 consecutive years in one league, from 1907 to 1979. Bailey is the brother of noted Hamilton historian, the late Rev. Melville Bailey.

Years ago in a Quebec tournament, Bill Rowe Jr. of Hamilton rolled a 201 in the title game but never had a chance as Jack Guay was near perfect at 297.

Ivan McLean who fired the first 300 at Hamilton Mountain Bowl, also has a 442 game in five pins. Connie Ward has both a 300 and 450 game.

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