Hamilton youth movement strikes in the alleys

bowling_alleyThree Hamilton bowlers in their early 20s came through with a 300 game and a pair of 290s.

Brody Ostrosser, 23, with a 209 average, was the perfect bowler at Skyway Lanes as he finished a 723 (202, 221, 300) triple with his first perfect game. In the same Brightside League, Billy Craig, 21, with a 212 average, placed a 290 game in the middle of a 750 (235, 290, 225) triple. Brianna Chrysler, 21, with her 177 average, earned a pair of Canadian Tenpin Federation awards for her 290 game, an “Eleven In a Row’ plaque and a “Century Award” for surpassing her average by at least 100 pins. The 290 was sandwiched in a 636 (195, 290, 151) triple in the Burlington Bowl youth league.

Another 290 game was recorded in the same Brightside league by Ron Smith, 55, with his 195 average. It capped a 695 (211, 192, 290) triple. A day earlier in V.S.L. action, Pat Horton started with eight strikes for a 266 game and 679 triple. Also with a 266 was Ed Margueratt on route to a 659 triple. Coming in third high of the night was Mike Ellis at 658 (238) to raise his average to 201. The previous week he smashed a 665. He has 13 triples of 600 or better this season, one more than Margueratt who holds a 195 average. In a practice session, Emerson Ellis, daughter of Mike, spared the difficult 3-9-10 split.

Reliable Roy reports from Bowlerama Stoney Creek that the Links battled for high triple of the night with Valerie come out on top 698 (216, 235, 247) over Ron’s 672 (227, 236, 209). But Ron’s triple is more impressive considering he holds a 168 average – compared to Valerie’s 204 – and had missed the last eight weeks with an injury.

A pair of 700s to report. One high and one low, as Anthony DiBattista smashed a 773 (267, 259, 212) and Corey Raymer 702 (231, 259, 212). With matching 679 triples were Ron Colling, 224, 242, 213, and Ho Chan, 228, 217, 234 and ten pins better was Mike Alexander at 689 (205, 237, 247). One week after Chan fired his 679, he was one pin better at 680 (240, 231, 209). Thank you Roy.

Another bowler to count on is Bruce Todd at Skyway as he reports Tom Robertson was high at 771 (277, 226, 268). Tim LaCroix was plus 86 at 278 and Steve Babic hit a 241, John Neskovic ,238, Laurie Wells, 225, and Susan Scargill, 223, with all these five at least 59 pins over average. Thank you Bruce.

Jan passes on these Burlington Bowl scores: Wayne Langlois, 161 average, eased over 600 by 11 pins with a 226 high game and Adolphus Cumberbach was plus 75 at 243. Fred Renaud scored a 213, Charlie Mahy, 210, Gary Hewgill, 202, Matthew Butler, 187, Sarah Hillier, 181, and Michelle Rizzi, 375 in her youth league.

Next month Burlington Bowl will be hosting the CTF National Championships on the May long weekend.


Don Watson of Hamilton won the first annual O’Connor Fall Tenpin Classic in Toronto in 1960 with 1,044 (226, 225, 190, 190, 213). In 1964, Watson was the Hamilton Tenpin Association president with Mike Sydor secretary and George Smith treasurer. Watson, a Hamilton life member currently lives in east Hamilton.

Many bowlers react differently when they roll the first 11 strikes, and need just one more for the perfect 300. In Hamilton one man threw it in the channel for a 290, another fouled, also for a 290, and a Hamilton man competing in St. Catharines in 1960 went for a five minute walk, had a drink of water, tried to compose himself, then had a “messenger” strike for the 300. His name, Walt Bohaychuk. He was the first Hamilton bowler with a sanctioned perfect game and he had it in St. Catharines. The first 300 in Hamilton was then rolled by Harvey Bray of St. Catharines three years later.

An 85 year old California man has become the oldest bowler with an 800 as he fired 806 (227, 279, 300). The oldest perfect game bowler is 90 and the oldest bowler ever is 107.

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