Travis Cauley strikes it big with Team Canada

ctf_logoWhat a finish to the 2013-14 bowling season for Travis Cauley. With a record breaking three 800 triples in only 11 days, and a record 1,098 four game set, he journeyed to Planet Bowl for the Canadian Tenpin Federation Nationals and finished fourth after 30 games to earn a well- deserved inclusion on Team Canada. The trio of 800s were 801 (244, 258, 299), 821 (267, 279, 275) and 804 (247, 268, 289).

The 91 men and women found it tough going on the first of four days of fierce competition with Cauley putting up triples of 556 (201) and 565 (196). Much better on day two as Cauley started his second game with 10 strikes for a tournament high 289 game and a 667 (200, 289, 178) triple, followed by a 603 (224). Day three saw triples of 595 (236) and 657 (236) to keep him in the top six.

The fourth and final day featured a stressful 12 games of head-to-head competition. He started strong with a 720 (268, 214, 238) before slipping to a 548 (212) to remain in the hunt. Cauley started his final six games with 202 (226) and slipped over 600 by seven pins with three games to go. The first two were 160 and 216 before exploding with a 251 final for a 627 triple and a 205 average for his 30 games and fourth place on Team Canada.

For the third straight year, David Simard placed first by four pins over Graham Fach. Former Hamiltonian Joe Ciach was sixth and Art Oliver Jr. placed eleventh with a 266 high game. Matt Lewis was 24th with a 237 high, Lionel Lewis was 30th and had a 278 single while Bill Hicks 62nd with a 231 best effort. Fach, from Guelph, recently fired an 836 (290, 246, 300) triple at the USBC tournament in Reno Nevada.

Still to be determined are the events Team Canada will be participating in but they could include the World Bowling Tour in Thailand, the Pabcom Zone Championships, the Commonwealth Championships in February and the Pan Am Games at Planet Bowl next summer. Two special guests at the CTF Championships were World Bowling president Kevin Dornberger and Pabcom president Martin Faba Castro. Former St Catharines resident Robin Orlikowski placed second on the women’s team. This tournament was a trial run for the Pan Am Games to be contested on the same lanes in 2015.

800px-BowlingballOn the Hamilton tournament scene, Dean Lashley, 156 average, rolled triples of 569, 552, 518 for a 1,639 total, which, added to his handicap score of 756, gave him 2,395 and first place in all events by 64 pins over Rob May, 199 average, who fired 1962 (666, 587, 709) scratch for a 2,331 final score. Matt Harper was third at 2293 which included scratch triples of 626 and 611. Lynda Hirschman was fourth, Peter Samborsky was fifth, George Mawhinney was sixth and Geddes. St. Hill was seventh. Other scratch triples of 600 or better were Mick Anderer, 706, Brian Moore, 623, Shawn Ferguson, 612, and James Morrison, 605.

St. Hill, 185 average, dealt a 613 (197, 182, 234) scratch triple which, added to a bonus of 165, enabled his 778 score to place first by nine pins over Jody Horrelt and Elaine Scanlon. James Morrison turned in a 213 single. The doubles winners were Hirschman and Mark Vanoldenbarneve at 1,566 by 99 pins over the Babic’s. The top team was known as The Youngins, by 13 pins over Wishing.

One of the most difficult awards to win is beating your average by 100 pins or more. These 19 Hamiltonians have accomplished this difficult feat this season: Mike Smith, John Cherriere, Del Belanger, Scott Lilley, Jim Langille, David Mahler, Gord Howarth, Samantha Dee, Rick Fumerton, Jeremy Sisson, Andrew Ferguson, Troy Marshall, Charles Steel, Mark Winger, Jamie Martin, Monica Tratt, Sherri Gregoire, Jody Horrelt, and Joe Wiesner.


Art Oliver Jr. continues to hold first place in honour scores with 16 perfect games, five games of 299, a pair of 298s and nine triples of 800 or more for 32 honour scores. Skyway Lanes also continues in first place with 156 perfect games, 65 games of 299, 42 games of 298 and 31 triples of 800 or more for 294 honour scores.

Hamilton’s first ever 300 was by Harvey Bray, first ever 299 by Arthur Bullock, first ever 298 by Stan Quin and first ever 800, an 824, by Danny Downs. Connie Ward is the only Hamilton bowler with a perfect 300 in ten-pins and a perfect 450 in five-pins.

Bill Bailey is number one with 72 consecutive years in one league.

Number one with 23 strikes in a row are Jayson Legg, Ed Maurer and Stewart Shea.

Our oldest active bowler was Russ Lee at 95. First mention of bowling in Hamilton was on Sept. 28, 1833.

First with a pair of 300s in the same day is Doug Schatz while John Greaves in first with a pair of 299s on the same day.

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