Katz, Ferguson are season’s first perfect bowlers

pinstack_bowling_pinsThe first two perfect bowlers of the 2016 – 17 season are Roy Katz and Steve Ferguson. Katz wasted little time in the new season collecting his second 300 game in week one, firing 224, 238, and 300 for a career high 762 triple at Bowlerama Stoney Creek. Then he almost surpassed that game with a 268-227-242 742 triple and is well on his way to surpassing last season’s averages of 213 and 208.

Over at Skyway Lanes, Steve Ferguson, 182 average, started slow with 144, improved to 179, then the ultimate 300 for a 623 triple. Mike Ellis saw a tenth frame split cost him his first ever 800 triple in Veteran Service League play, firing games of 255, 269, and 240 for a 764.

It’s the highest triple ever in the long history of this Monday night league which has witnessed perfect games by John Brezden, Derek Hannah and Ellis. Starting off the season with a trio of 600s was Ed Margueratt with 625 (232, 222), 655 (236, 225), and 618 (245). He missed in week four but by only 16 pins at 584.

Ellis was back on track after a couple of off weeks with 673 (257). Yours truly had an usual step-ladder series of 167, 169, 168.

In Skyway Jonarc play, Travis Cauley, after returning from Colombia in South America with a silver medal in a Pabcom Tournament, blasted a pair of big sets with 1001 (244, 234, 245, 278) and 944 (280, 201, 266, 247). Crystal Whitfield was on track with 949 (222, 236, 265, 226). Bill Hicks had 10 strikes in a row for a 288 single and a 946 (208, 226, 288, 224) set.

Down the road at Bowlerama Stoney Creek, Karl Born tried to match Katz’s 300 as he started with 10 strikes and should have had 11, but a single pin remained upright, which he spared for a 289 and 675 triple. Ten pins behind was Corey Raymer at 665 with a 258 finish and one pin behind Raymer was Adam Halbert at 664 (249, 225). Mario Giordano slipped over 600 by 12 pins with a 234 start and missing by three pins was C.J. Price with a 597 (211). Debbie Daoust, 116 average, rolled a personal high game of 184 for a 446 triple, Guy Gamache, 149 average, started with 197 and 182 for a 545, Shirley Campbell, 124 average, finished with a 167 for a 437 and after a 15 year absence, Zack Krasulja, 118 average, tallied a 451 (159, 137, 155).


Forty years ago bowling alley proprietors finally won their fight for extended hours to 11 p.m. on Sundays. Until then they had to close at 6 p.m. One of the prime movers behind this was Don Watson. City Council voted in favour of this motion by a 10-5 vote.

In 1976, Terry Wira became the first Canadian to fire a perfect 300 game in the Hoinke Tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was in the doubles event with his brother, Don. His previous high game was 278. Wira said the reason for the 300 was “It was the first tournament in 12 years I took his wife with me.”

Sixty years ago these bowling houses were in use. Bar-Don, Beach Road, Bol-o-Drome, Brant, Central, Strand, Connaught, Eastdale, Kenilworth, Martin’s, Mountain, New pier Bowl, Olympia, Ottawa, Pla-Mor, Queenston Bowl, Westdale, Winter Garden and Y.M.C.A. The high single of the year was Joe Hruska at 269. Al Cinti wins the Hamilton singles title with 1,883 for 10 games at the Pla-Mor.

For the many five-pinners in Hamilton, Bob Richardson scored a 450 at Westdale and Ron Bickerson missed number 12 and the 450 and settles for 443 at the Strand. Walt Fenner in the “Brant Sweeps” rolled a 450. I assume that 450 won the pot. Hamilton’s own bowling show started on Nov. 5, 1956 on CHCH TV. Finally to answer a question, the Brant Lanes in Burlington were located across the street from the present day Smith’s Funeral Home on Brant Street. That location is now a restaurant.

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