Lacroix clan claim Hamilton league 113th championship

bowling_alleyIt was a family affair win for the Lacroixs as they combined to claim the title in the City Tenpin League’s 113th consecutive season. Brent, Tim, Mike, and Matt won by five points over a pair of teams. Jerry Wicks, Roy Ward, Dave Clark Jr., and Ian Colby formed one team and Mark Ward, John Cooper, Chris Hicks and Steve Cowie the other.

Mick Anderer was a triple winner with his 22,200 aggregate total, 217 average and 749 triple. It was tight race for high triple as Mark Ward’s 746 and Brent Lacroix’s 739 were in the mix. Brandon Crabb missed perfection by one pin but his 299 won high single honours over a 290 by Anderer and a 280 by Tim Lacroix.

In “B” division, it was a tie for high triple with Clark Jr., and Hicks scoring 682s. Hick’s also missed perfection by one pin but his 299 topped “B” division over a 279 by Ron Elliott, a 267 by Clark Jr., and a 257 by Jerry Wicks. Most improved honours went to Brent Lacroix for his 11 pin increase to 212.

Averaging over 200 were Anderer, 217, Pete Haveman, 215. Crabb, 212, Brent Lacroix, 212, John Cooper, 204, Cowie, 204, Mark Ward, 203, Mark Andrews, 203, Ian Colby, 201, and Tim Gamble, 200. Anderer, 749, 744, 736, 706, and 700 and Haveman, 737, 714, 711, 708, and 706 topped the 700 club with five each with 29 triples of 700 or better being turned in with Steve Cowie having a pair – 725 and 717. During the 34-week season, 94 singles of 250 or higher were recorded with Anderer collecting 14 and Crabb and Brent Lacroix tied with 11 each.

Next season Phil Morris will compete for his 60th consecutive season. The league high and one-time world record of 72 years belongs to the late Bill Bailey from 1907 to 1979.

Travis Cauley of Hamilton claimed the bronze medal in the Canadian Tenpin Federation National Championships at Burlington Bowl. After 18 games over three days, Cauley was second with a 217 average after six game blocks of 1,408, 1,401 and 1,289. After another six games on day two, Cauley saw his six games of 1,350 drop him to third. In the semi-final game, he lost 205-175 to Francois Lavoie for third place. In the gold medal game, Lavoie lost 247-235 to Zachary Wilkens, who had the tournament’s only 300 game. On the last day, a pair of men had the first 10 strikes before breaking off. Cauley’s high games were 276 and 269. Taking the women’s gold medal was Mykaela Mitchell of London helped by a final 255 game.

Other Hamilton placings were Matt Lewis, 22nd with a 257 high game; Bill Hicks 30th with a 246 high game; Lionel Lewis 45th with a 237 high game; Nick Murphy 48th and a 236 high; C.T.F. hall of famer Al Tone 65th with a 231 high single. Tone’s six game totals were consistent at 1,101, 1,115 and 1,099. Christine Johnston on the women’s side was also steady at 1,034, 1,009 and 1,052 with high games of 212 and 204 for a 171 average.

The Showtime Pro Shop with Dave Custeau, Ryan Dickenson, Aaron Bouchard and Matt Glidden claimed the Jonarc title at Skyway Lanes. The second half winners were the Brooklyns Count quartet of Corey Raymer, Greg Schultz, Ian Colby and Bill Lishinski. Top averages were Matt Lewis, 228, Travis Cauley, 226, and Lionel Lewis Jr., 225.


Ten years ago the Westinghouse League Champions were Ron Elliott, Rod Stratford, Russ Wright and Pam and Tim Easlick. On the second place team were Mike Sydor and Jim and Ed Margueratt. In 2006 only two men with Westinghouse connections remained, Fred Bennett and Doug Stickney. The league folded three years ago and in the league’s long history were 10 perfect games by Jim Kompare, Graham Hartley, Lionel Lewis Jr., Marty Stokes, Mike Anderer, Rob Gray, Rob Brookes, Art Oliver Jr., Wendell Harrison, and Ed Margueratt.

Eleven perfect games were rolled in the 2005-06 season with Tim Enoksen having a pair along with a 299 and a 298 and high averages were Lionel Lewis Jr., 232, and Wendy Zielonka, 212, and for the juniors, William Russell, 219.

Matthew Lewis, 14, tripped his highest triple ever, a 746 and Jim Margueratt dealt his highest game in four years, a 254.

Brothers Len and Mike Garinger each rolled a 300 at Star Lanes in 2006.

With special thanks to Jim Margueratt, who has continued to contribute stories from the local bowling scene since we began back in May 2006

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