‘Mr. Perfection’ wastes no time clearing the lanes

bowling_alleyArt Oliver Jr. continues to impress with his perfection on the lanes.

After a 686 (259, 211, 216) for his first three games, Oliver racked up a leading perfect game No. 17 at Splitsville. Last season he captured his first ever Hamilton high average award with a sparkling 231 and also tripped a pair of 300 games and two 800 triples – 836 (258, 289, 289) and 811 (267, 276, 268).

And it didn’t take long to notch his 18th perfect game as 19 days after his 17th. on the mountain, he again saved the best for last as after 211, 216 and 213 efforts, came the 300 for a 940 set. Last season Oliver scored a pair of 300’s on the way to a Hamilton leading 231 average. The record for 300s in a season is four by Shawn Anderson.

He is also number one with 33 honours scores including 17 perfect games, five 299 games, a pair of 298s and nine 800 triples. His father Art Oliver Sr., has one perfect game and one 299 to his credit.

Almost 31 years ago – November 1983 – Nobby Herchenroder rolled a 299 game in a Skyway Lanes house tournament and was awarded $299 by Ed Nalborczyk. Last week, also at Skyway, Nobby’s son, Dylan, also fired a 299 game in the Brightside league, leaving a seven pin. The 299 came after a 228 and before a 236 for a 763 triple.

Crystal Whitfield, who has a 300 and a 299 to her credit, now has a 290 game to start Classis action at Skyway followed by 223, 206, and 202 for a 921 set.

Early season highlights for the VSL bunch are Derek Hannah, 640 (254) and 634 (234), Ed Margueratt, 618 (217) and 604 (216), Mike Ellis, 624 (217, 217), Barb Roy, with a pair of 199 games which was 67 pins over her average, and Frances Earl with a 186 which is plus 64. Two big split conversions were Jim Margueratt, 4-7-9-10, and Joan Tidey, 3-9-10.

Down the lanes for the Monday Knight Ladies, association president Karen Nicol collected a super 234 game and Lisa Howard had an impressive 257. In P & G play, Mick Anderer almost had the first 800 of the season but missed by two pins with a 798 (230, 279, 289). He finished game two with nine strikes and started game three with another 10 for a string of 19 consecutive strikes, just four under the local record of 23. Wendell Harrison zapped a 619, John Frewin had 595, and Art Oliver Sr., a 243.

Ivo Colnaric hadn’t bowled in 12 years while living in Stoney Creek and when he returned to action at Skyway Lanes, he proved he still has it with the first 10 and then went a little high leaving up the six and 10 for a sparkling 288. This remarkable news courtesy of Bill Lishinski who said when Ivo showed up at Skyway his many friends were asking “How you doing, welcome back.” Ivo had a 300 game way back in 1985.

Mark Andrews would like all his friends at U.S. Steel know that he fired a 714 triple in City Tenpin play on games of 231, 227 and 256. John Cooper mixed a 723, Mick Anderer had a 691 (268), and 690 (255), Pete Haveman rolled 685 (258), Mark Winger was good for 656 (246), Peter Cross hit 248, Rick Bukowski scored 237, and Lou Pierle missed a Century award by six pins with a 233.

The same day Colnaric smashed his 288, Conrad Merkir dealt a 279 and Art Oliver Jr., a 949 (266,257). The next week Deric Curley moved a 978 with a 289, Ed Maurer, 974 with 277 and 269, and Matt Lewis, 948 with a 278 in Jonarc play.


Less than a week after his mother passed away, Professional Bowling Association Tour player D.J. Archer was almost perfect for all three games with an 878 (300, 279, 299).

Long-time Hamilton bowler Matt Pasalic has passed away at age 82 just a few years after his wife Mary.

In Hamilton during the 1964-65 season, with Don Watson as president, high average went to Hal Schatz, 195, the high triple was John Wilson and Angelo Mosca (yes the former Tiger-Cat), at 691 and high single was George Lane at 290. Bowling houses were Skyway Lanes, Lucky Strike, Bowlero, Crown, Mohawk, Orchard, Pla-Mor, Shea’s, Hamilton Centre Bowl, and Queenston Bowl with a total of 142 lanes and 78 sanctioned leagues. Only the first three are still in operation.

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