Perfect night at Splitsville for Johnston, Garinger

bowling_alleyAfter rolling a trio of perfect games in less than four years, Tom Johnston then waited seven years to notch his fourth 300 game at Splitsville Centre. Thirty minutes earlier, Len Garinger Jr. was also perfect at the same mountain location.

Garinger started his night’s action with the 300, then rolled 201, 216 and 223 for a 940 set. Johnston started with a 180, then his 300, followed by 202 and 199 for an 881 set. In the seven year interval between perfect games, Johnston’s daughter Christine recorded her first 300 game at Skyway Lanes. Garinger, his father Len Sr., and brother, Mike, all have dealt 300 games.

Continuing to add to his Hamilton leading honour score total, now at 37, was Art Oliver Jr. with his 20th 300 game at Splitsville. A 187 start gave way to perfect game number 20, then 228 and 204 for a 919 set. The 34-year-old also has seven 299 games, a pair of 298s and eight triples of 800 or better. His total of three perfect games this season is just one under Shawn Anderson’s record of four. Twenty-three- year-old Jim Kompare made the junior from Mississauga worthwhile with a 290 game at Skyway in game three of an 891 (226, 193, 290,182) set.

Travis Cauley has four honour scores this season after an 807 (259,258,290) at Skyway Lanes. A 214 finish gave him a 1,021 set. Along with this 807, Cauley also has an 806 (258, 300, 248) and a pair of 300 games this season. His honour score total is now 21, tied with Lionel Lewis for second place behind Oliver.

June is back with her Skyway junior report and will be putting in a Century award application for Lindsey Pearce, whose 119 average was surpassed by 102 pins with a sparkling 221. Two sons of Skyway employees also make the news as Kenton Schatz blasted a 601 (205, 173, 223) and Carter Bailey 574 (212, 160, 202). With triples 100 pins or better over their averages were Andrew Rees, 466 (180, 176), Noah Gagne, 450 (186), Lincoln Glidden, 245 (100), and coming close was Cameron Sicard, 353 (123, 120) and Shawn Lubinsky, 444 (166). Super singles were Austyn Dedrick, 137, Davina Clark, 129, and Aleisha Beitz, 122.

Back at Splitsville, fine singles by the big boys were Bill Hicks, 279 and 278, Travis Cauley and Art Oliver, 279, and Lionel Lewis, 269, and a pair of 257s. Down the road at Star Lanes, Dave Adams, 711 (240), and 638 with a 287; Luke Lomas, 706 (270, 265), Jeremy Johns, 698 (248) and 640 (266), Tom Casler, 690 (278), Dave Johns, 615 (232), Chris Grummett, 613 (227), Nathan Dorsey, 601 (259), Henry Lemay, 548 (212), Wayne Miller, 537 (218), and Trent McNichol, 201.

John Stanisz finished with a strong 276 for a 707 triple at Burlington Bowl. Rick Fumerton started with 257 and finished with 221 for a 676. James Sabzall missed 700 by three pins with a 257, Corey Foster finished with 234 and 233 for 627, Harold Blake, 615 (215), and Mike Mawhinney was steady with 206, 201 and 200 for 607. A trio of 700s at Bowlerama Stoney Creek as John Katz scored, 745 (279, 222, 244) and 742 (268, 257, 217 ) and Gordie Howarth, 702 (197, 278, 227) while Val Ciach-Link blasted a 276 single and C.J. Price was right on with a 268 and Nicole Raymer dealt a 259.

For the V.S.L. group of fine bowlers at Skyway, Mike Ellis 672 (240, 234) and 606 (247); Ed Margueratt, 624 (213), 614 (224), and 601 (227)l; Don Fraser, 622 (235); Pat Horton, 660 (257) and 595 (236); Sylvester Salve plus 84 with a 205; Jim Margueratt 212 and 201; and Denise Margueratt, a pair of good weeks with 488 (186) and 467 (170) and spared the 1-3-7-9.

A correction from the last column has Rodney Brazeau with a 206 game not a 296, and Linda Higenell and Amy Bouchard are the only two Hamilton women with a pair of 300 games. With one 300 game are Joyce Campbell, Val Chastney, Patti Ellis, Dee Gallant, Christine Johnston, Chelsea King, Jen Olmsted, Catharine Rowe, Sioban Ryans, Connie Ward, Crystal Whitfield and Laura Wilmer. Whitfield is the only one still bowling locally.

While Art Oliver Jr. is just one 300 game short of Shawn Anderson’s four 300s in a season, late news has Travis Cauley tied with Anderson as he fired a 300 at Skyway Lanes in Jonarc action. Later that same day, another 300 was turned in at Bowlerama Stoney Creek by Val Ciach-Link making her and Joe Ciach the first brother and sister with perfect 300 games in Hamilton.


In 1980 Danny Downs started back-to-back games with 11 strikes for 299 and 297. Eight days later he again started with 11 strikes for another 297. Ty Gordon was one better than a triplicate with four consecutive games of 180 at Hamilton Mountain Bowl.

In 1986 Loretta Wallace rolled a 299 game at Burlington Bowl, at that time the highest game by a woman in Ontario. At that time the only women with 300s were in British Columbia.

In 1988 Bill Rowe of Hamilton won the singles at the Tournament of the Americas in Miami and was second in mixed doubles.

Andy Toth was Hamilton’s singles champion in 1952 and 1954 and rolled our second ever 700 with a 704 in 1955.

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