Young bowlers make their mark

800px-BowlingballIt is never too young to bowl as evident by some young Hamilton keglers.

Five-year-old London Lewis, son of Lionel and brother of Matt and Jenn, with a 53 average, was steady with games of 106, 109 and 113 for a 328 triple. Six-year-old Matthew Pereira, with a 30 average, tallied games of 81 and 80 and triples of 205 and 174. At age seven, Dorothy Major-Turkey, 42 average, tripped an 80 game. Noah Methot, eight years old, with a 52 average, scored a 104 single and 241 triple. At age nine, Quinn Young-Sabourin, 59 average, dealt a 113 single and 298 triple. Another nine year old, Owen Turkey, 59 average, moved a 95 single and 258 triple. The final top Skyway junior is 15-year-old Ethan Methot, 94 average, who crushed singles of 140 and 124 for a 357 triple.

Susan Scargall beat her 152 average by 96 pins to win the annual adult association tournament. Games of 152, 191 and 177 gave her a 552 scratch triple and 816 with handicap to win by 38 pins over Stephan Babic and his 128 average. Babic rolled games of 158, 115, 169 for a 442 scratch triple.

The next three positions went to Michael Briks, Ian Archibald and John Faulds. The high scratch game was a 235 by Mick Anderer with Mike Scargall one pin behind at 234.

Taking the doubles title were Tammy Raspberry and Chris Gaymer by 159 pins over Ron Hill and Ray Havens. With a combined 310 average, the winners fired scratch games of 377, 393, 402 holding on over a big 470 scratch last game by Hill and Havens. The top team was the Ramrods with James Morrison, Harold Jacques, Matt Harper and Brian Moore. Gaymer’s Gamers were second and the Angry Moose Knucklers third.

What could be the last reported honour score of the season was actually fired over five months ago. Jeff Easton tripped a 298 first game at Star Lanes, and then followed with 237 and 194 for a 729. Before his 298 was reported, a pair of 11 in a rows were announced. Easton followed a first frame open with his 11 straight for a 279 and 670 and Richard Parker fired his 11 in a row after a spare for a 290 single and 750 triple.

With three weeks to go in the Skyway Jonarc Sunday morning league, there is a three-way battle for high average with Matt Lewis, Travis Cauley and Lionel Lewis in the 225 range. Crystal Whitfield, with a 211 average, is six pins better than her father, Ed Maurer, and his 205 average. Ryan Dickenson fired a 289, Dave Adams had a 286 and Ray Beitz scored a 280.

Down the road at Bowlerama Stoney Creek, impressive scores included Pete Vujic, 613 (225), Mario Giordano, 594 (234), Ron Graham, 564 (195), Rick Squires, 552 (213) and 539 (219), Guy Gamache, 547 (203), Sandra Guthrie, 537 (199), Dave Lasci, 525 (210), Tannia Kinzinger, 479 (192), Stephanie Colvin, 451 (155) and 427 (191), Debbie Daoust, 448 (174), Shirley Campbell, 444 (206), Adana Lynn Jackson, 424 (188), and Tim Kersley, finished with a 226 for a 542.

Top average in the Skyway Monday Knight Ladies Petersen is Aleta Manning at 190. Top triples are Manning, 656, Lisa Howard, 618, and Carol Muir, 600. Super singles are Manning, 244, Maxine Rogers, 228, and Muir, 224. With one week left for the VSL group, Mike Ellis continues hot with his 202 average after a 665 (246) and Ed Margueratt second at 196 after a 570 (213). The four splits converted on the second last night were by the Margueratt clan. Denise spared the 4-5-2-7, Edward the 2-7 and Jim the 3-10. Travis Fraser rolled his high game of the season, a 215, and his uncle Don collected a 209.


Twenty years ago at the end of the 1995-96 season, perfect games were fired by Bruce Cockburn, Al Tone and Neil Easton. Larry Legg blasted a 802 (233, 280, 289) triple. John Burke had the first 10 for a 289. Crystal Maurer, 10, smashed a 243 and Christine Custeau, 15, dealt a 678 (268). Blind bowler Henry Hader scored singles of 225 and 247 for a 621.

Winning a place on Team Canada in Montreal were Linda Cuartas and Bill Rowe Jr. Lionel Lewis Jr., rolled a 299 single, Cuartas 279 and Rowe, a 276.

The Spectator’s Paul Wilson did a story on “Sportsman’s Centre” on Charlton Avenue, the former bowling house built in 1962. The headline was ”Sportsman’s in the Gutter.” Former owners were Tiger Cats John Barrow and Gerry McDougall, and then Bob Gault until 1994.

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Three close 10-pin calls at 299, 298 and 296


At Skyway Lanes, Chris Hicks saw a nine pin stop him while Bill Cardwell’s almost 300 was foiled by a pair. Brian DeFrancesco also came close to perfection, again, at Burlington Bowl.

Lewis and DeFrancesco both perfect


Shortly after Matt Lewis fired the 13th perfect game of the season at Skyway Lanes, Brian Defrancesco recorded the first 300 this season at Burlington Bowl.

Matt makes his mark at Splitsville


Matthew Kennedy has fired the first 800 triple at Splitsville Burlington in almost five years, rolling a 267, 289 and 247 for an 803.