Father, son duo grab Hamilton 10-pin spotlight

One week after Lionel Lewis Jr. fired his second 800 triple, his 15-year-old son, Matthew, this week racked up his seventh 700 triple. The younger Lewis strung together games of 266, 238 and 214 to produced a 718. His other 700s are 746, 734, 727, 715, 704 and 701 compliment a 299 game on May 1, 2005. His current average at Prime Time Bowl is 207.

Another 15-year-old, Matthew Kennedy, also topped 700 with games of 246, 248 and 221 for 715. His current average is 199. Sioban Frey, who carries a 223 average, smashed a 714 on games of 217, 290 and 205. In the 290 game, she started spare, strike before having to change lanes and proceeded to throw 10 more strikes for the 290.

At Skyway Lanes, Ed Margueratt posted his seventh 600 of the season with games of 259, 190 and 232 for a 681 total. In the 259 game he threw 10 strikes and a pair of one pin spares.

In a pair of bowl outs, Mike Ellis hit 715 and his father, Chuck, scored a 690. Mark Ward finished with 10 strikes for a 279 game and 694 triple while Wendell Harrison threw the last nine strikes for a 255 game.

Russ Wright edged wife Shelley for family honours, 244 to 221. Three super split conversions were scored by Shelley Wright (6-7-10), Joe Leslie (4-10) and Virginia Clark (5-7).

For the second time this season an honour score was rolled, but will not receive official credit because it was in an unsanctioned league. The latest one was a 300 at Skyway, and the other one was a 299 at Burlington Bowl. Last season a 300 was scored at Bowlerama Stoney Creek, also unsanctioned.

At the PBA Tour stop in New York City, Norm Duke defeated Ryan Shafer for his 25th title.

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, John Greaves bowled a pair of 299 games on the same day at Skyway in April 1983.